Friday, June 27, 2008

Jun 27th 2008

Well - this is the first official post on the blog "rocking our world" by Kurt and Kari.
I have mixed thoughts on blogs, which is why I am probably the last person in the world (especially new mom) who has one. I think its very strange to have your thoughts out there for the whole world to see (very vulnerable) - but at the same time, we are all so busy - its a great way to communicate and to share photos/ stories etc. to friends and family who are out of town. Also, I think it will be nice to journal a little, and write some notes about pregnancy, and of course birth, and infancy etc. for our child - so maybe one day he will be interested in knowing what he was like at 6 months old, or what his 1st birthday party looked like, and to remember how we felt when he took his first steps etc.
So... onward to post #1.
Today is Friday Jun 27th - I am just on my way out the door to head to my 31 week prenatal dr's appt. My Dr. is Dr. Stephanie Mandleman and so far, we have been very pleased with her. I am now having appointments every 2 weeks, where we were just seeing her once a month earlier in the pregnancy. Pretty soon, I will be seeing her every single week!
A LOT of my friends are pregnant right now, or JUST had babies.
Here is the list:
Heather M. - mom of Cole (2ys ) delivered daughter Mackenzie Jameson May 17th
Suzy S - delivered twins (s0n) Brady and (daughter) Coryn May 28th (first birth)
Meredith V - delivered son Ronan Lee June 17th (baby # 1)
Tiffany B - due w/ son July 19 (baby # 1)
(I am next) due w/ son Sept 1 (baby #1)
Kim L. - due w/ son Sept 9 (baby # 3)
Tiffany L - due w/ twins (boy and girl) Sept 20th (baby # 1)
Wendy T - due w/ triplets (2 boys and a girl) due October 15th

I also have a couple of good friends w/ young babies / children who have been a HUGE support and have a lot of really great advice, funny stories, and overall are just amazing women!

Tonya - mom to Anthony (2)
Kerry- mom to Grant (9 months)
Kris - mom to Brooke (2) and Abby (8 months)
Henny - mom to Tye (1)

So, I am in good company - and with all of the multiples, our baby will have a LOT of friends :)
ok - off to the dr. now!