Sunday, August 21, 2011

ahoy matey - Liam turned three - arrrgh!

I guess Liam had to have a significant milestone to get me back to the blog! (i've got lots of backlog to go... but couldn't miss the pirate wrap)
First of all, I can't believe he is three... but, on to party details.
It was all about pirates for Liam and his closest mateys this year :)
Treasure chests, buried treasure, digging for gold, sword fights, pirate tattoos, pirates booty and a pirate ship that washed ashore right in our backyard! A yo-ho-ho time was had by all the little swash-bucklers!
As you enter the pirate zone:

pirates booty for the cutie bootie.
digging for buried treasure
the pirate ship (just a small one)
the view from Liam's room! all of his pals jumping around!
his bff Gavin (aka Cap'n Jack Sparrow)
time for happy bday and pirate cupcakes!
look at all the little blonde pirate boys!
a special ocean adventure delivery from cape cod! these fit right into the pirate decor! i think if the balloons hadn't been anchored down, they would have carried liam away!
tough work turning three it be!
so - i am serious about this... whoever hired the sky-writer to come and write THREE right over our house at three o'clock on party day... identify yourself! it's a mystery!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Radio Silence

Not that anyone really reads this blog... but for those few who do - I am sorry about the extended silence... my computer has been down and I just got it back TODAY!
lots of catching up to do :)
i will be actively blogging over the next couple of weeks to catch up.

lots of cool things to share around here!