Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hiiiii Liam!!!

Turn on your speakers and watch!
So cute - almost seems like he is saying "HIIIIIIII" back to me!

Mr. "Crabby" pants (cute outfit courtesy of Gramma Merlinkey)

All the kids go for a walk. (Hmmm looks like we even coordinated our outfits!)

A visit from "uncle Money" (Liam is waving because he is so excited - G$ is a rockstar!)

"You talkin to me!?!"

A nice visit from Elaine and Grammy M

The photo below is from Liam's first week home, but we forgot to post it (oops - sorry!)
A visit from Ron and Elaine (the NEWLYWEDS!)

Friday, September 19, 2008

90th Percentile!

Big Boy!

We went for Liam's one month Dr. Appt. today with Dr. Bromberg - who was AWESOME! (Thanks Henny for the referral!)
Liam weighed in at 11lbs 1 oz, and measured almost 23 inches. That puts him in the 90th percentile in both length and weight. Thats our BIG boy!! Overall the Dr. reports that he is "thriving" - which is great news to a new mom and dad! Dr. said that we should be doing "tummy time" a couple of times a day. And when he put Liam on his tummy, he already is holding his head up - Dr. B said that he had the head control of a 3 month old! (Go Liam!)
He got his Hepatitis B vaccine today as well.

The weather here is finally cooling down a little bit..should be in the 80's over the weekend, so we are hoping to get outside and do something fun!

Below are some pics from this week :)

My Great Grandma made me this awesome blanket!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Fun Weekend!

We had a great weekend filled with fun and friends!

We had visits from Anna - and Marty and Laura.

My Daddy got his hair cut like ME!

I hung out w/ my puppies - Ace and Jinx!

We went to The Gardens of The World!

I FINALLY got to meet my new friends ABBY and NATE!

Now i need some ME time!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy THREE WEEK birthday Liam!

I can hardly believe we have known you for three weeks already. In just three weeks you have already changed so much. We have seen the pediatrician twice. You made it back up to your birth weight. We go back to the Dr. for a one month appt. - I am excited to see the progress you have made. You are going a solid 3 hours between feedings, and the nights have been better, although mom and dad are still tired. Gramma Marilyn went home last week, so we have been on our own with you - that has been both amazing and terrifying. Lucky for us, you are such a good boy and don't give us much trouble. (you are a loud mouth when you are hungry though!!)

You have officially take over the house. You have a pack n play, swing, and play mat in the family room (its basically a mini nursery)... you have a bassinet and changing station in our bedroom, and of course your very own baby suite nursery with all the amenities. OH - and your very own bathroom.

So far your outings have included visitng Great Grandpa, Grammy "M", your Dr, Mom's Dr., and the park w/ the doggies.

here are some highlights.