Friday, October 30, 2009

back to his roots...

below is a photo from this morning... as you can see - Liam's awesome BED HEAD is totally out of control!

some of you may remember when Liam was REALLY teeny - he had a fierce straight up faux hawk situation - see HERE (no product needed)

WELL - we got a lil hair cut today.. and went back to the faux hawk roots - although i really loved the whispy little sticking striaght out - permanently bed head do.... i like his new look too... its just that he looks SO much like a little BOY....
showing off his new do

playing peek a boo behind the curtains w/ mommy's keys

how u like me now?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Bean Boy

Lima Bean
Beanie Beanie-boy
Bean Boy...

Bean Boy in a box of beans.

Friday, October 23, 2009

kisses for all

since i had nothing to write about today - i thought i would update the look of the blog - and liam wanted to blow kisses to all who visit :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

at the end of the day...

tonight... after i put liam down for the night, i came downstairs and looked around... and thought "there is NO doubt that a toddler lives here, there is no doubt i am tired, there is no doubt that i have some SERIOUS cleaning to do.. and most importantly ... there is absolutely NO doubt that we are blessed."

none of these photos were staged and are all SOOC (straight out of the camera.. no editing - who has time for that???) ... these are simply shots at the end of the day - the end of my typical day these days. the house is in disarray, dishes in the sink, magazines from MAY 2009 unread, the best intentions never played out, lots of work un done while a tiny boy is tucked away safely in his crib... a happy - yet chaotic life... god, i am a mess... how is this for transparency?!?!

this is my kitchen...notice CANNED green beans... oh, and an empty wine bottle. we are blessed to have food on our table, and wine to keep us sane

this is my family room... we are blessed to have toys to play with, books to read and a home to live in

this is the stack of magazines in my office - i am blessed to have many interests - and great subscriptions... now that "Gourmet" has stopped printing i have decided i will read every one still in the plastic from cover to cover and keep them all - r.i.p. gourmet)

this is my kitchen table... what a trainwreck! ... i am blessed for everything on this table - which as i study the photo amazes me HOW things like this end up here... the monitor - a random sneaker? my evening glass of wine, a tupperware lid?, random Michaels ad, goldfish, dog leashes, jewelry from the weekend... *sigh*

this is my kitchen island.. i have the best intentions to make healthy family meals from scratch - i am blessed with good intentions.

yes, i am trying to get the dishes done... i have some help from Ace.. did i feed the dogs tonight??? i hope so. i am blessed to have sweet helping paws around

well this is a little backwards.. but, here is how the day started... and when your day starts like this... you have to just feel blessed.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy 14 Months Lima Bean!

What a difference a year makes!
Last year for your TWO month birthday, we took you to the Calabasas Pumpkin Festival... which fell the same weekend this year, so - you went again!

Some things were the same.
* it was HOT.. HOT.. HOT - even hotter this year.
* Daddy and I enjoyed a pumpkin beer (a sure sign that no matter the temperature outside, fall is here)
* there were lots of pumpkins
* we are so blessed to share it with you

Some things were different
* YOU... you are a whole new man - complete with your squiry wormy snuggly goodness
* your friends Nate and Abby joined you
* you met a fuzzy bunny friend named dottie

we saw a cute little baby there with his daddy, he looked so teeny and fragile, and when we asked how old.. the daddy said "2 months" on the inside i thought.. "how in the world is that little baby out and about today"... then i remembered that is exactly the age YOU were, when you came for the first time! you have been out and about for a while now little one. and you are GOOD at it. you are still pretty easy to take out on the town. so far no major tantrums or meltdowns or fussing. and even though it was a million degrees outside - you kept your cool. thats one thing i truly cherish about you - you are a mellow guy. you make being your mommy pretty darn easy. we are blessed.
here are some pics of your day out on the town.
happy 14 months little angel.
i love you mister.

flashbacks - october 2008 (liam 2 months old)

same place, liam 14 months old... how has a whole year gone by?

your pal "Dottie"

bunny loves

Friday, October 16, 2009

mini kurt and the 40 year old virgin

the first thing most people say when they see liam and kurt is "he looks exactly like his daddy"... or they call him "mini kurt"... looking at the photos below, i can't deny it. i walked into kurts office the other night and saw the two of them relaxing in the big fluffy recliners watching a movie together. [thank god it wasn't the sopranos, which seems to be on 24/7 in there!]
mini-kurt and daddy watching a movie in kurts "40-year old virgin" office/room. (more photos of this room in another post... its pretty unbelievable!)
the whole gang... dogs included.
(oh, and YES that is an entire wall of sunglasses)
good taste in movies lima bean!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


what happens when the rain comes to L.A.????

late bloomers finally WALK!
go liam go!

Friday, October 9, 2009

typical morning

Mornings in our house are pretty relaxed... We get about 2 hours togehter between waking up and dropping off at daycare, so no one needs to rush around, especially Liam.
Double fisting his morning cocktails while watching Yo Gabba Gabba. He has found his "special" place on the couch and asks for his furry blankey. Not a bad setup!

Well.. not a bad setup until you realize you are getting your picture taken, at which point you IMMEDIATELY go into attitude mode.

good thing baby-moods are short lived, within about one minute, he was ready to give kisses again!

... and now we are ready to start our day!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

thanks jasper!

Liam's virtual and birthday sharing pal from the Eastsiiiide sent him these AWESOME shoes for his b-day. Of course the only pics I have of him are at COSTCO (classic)... but, you can really see how cool these shoes are as he is strapped in the ginormous Costco cart.

shout outs to Ariana and Jasper - THANK YOU, these are awesome. Click on the link above to see Jasper in his matchy-match twinner shoes at the Pumpkin Patch!

One day, they WILL get to hang out and shoot the... well, you know!

thanks pals!

click to get your own pair of KABOOGIE awesomeness