Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Liams new favorite word is "cool"... he says it (or at least we think he is saying it, because it is in perfect context) all the time.
new toy = "cool"
wanna swim? = "cool"
spaghetti-o's = "cool"
nate and abby coming over to swim? = "cooooool!!"
I need to make a note to capture this on video before he stops doing it and is on to something new - the phases come and go SO quickly lately! About a week ago, he was obsessed with clapping.. now, he does it when i ask him to - but not 24/7. I wonder what next week will bring?
Anyway - speaking of Nate and Abby, they DID come to play and swim! It was their first time in the pool, and they were superstars!
oh - and speaking of "cool" do you notice a slight BILLY IDOL resemblance in Lima Beans opening photo??? arrrrr!


Meet Nate and Abby - can you beleive they were THIS little when we first posted them on the blog?
Cute Abby - she is such a girlie girl :)
Cute Nate - what a charmer!
Bathing beauties!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Biker Boys

Lots of exciting stuff this weekend... most revolving around Daddy's new toy!
No, Liam hasn't gone for a ride yet, nor do we have a sidecar picked out for the little biker boy. We did however get to meetup w/ Kurt and Chris and Wendy at the Rock Store on
Sunday for breakfast!

The famous Rock Store, I guess Jay Leno comes here on the weekends! (We didn't see him - this place gets PACKED!)

Checkin out the scene w/ Dad.
Up close w/ Dads new toy.

Having fun w/ Uncle Chris

And just because he was so cute :) I am throwing this one in.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Camera!

I am a total idiot on how to use it...
but am learning...

any tips photog friends?
can't wait to play, and share fun pics of Lima Bean et al!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Holy Harley

The answer to the "Did my husband really just buy this bike? " question... is ... yes.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Today is my "Gran's" birthday AND her anniversary. (She got married on her 18th birthday to my "Gramp"!)
This photo was taken on her wedding day/birthday!

A little about my Gran.
She LOVES her kids, grandkids, and great grandkids. Children melt her heart, and bring her so much joy. She is the shuffleboard QUEEN and can beat ANYONE... I wouldn't challenge her if I were you. She is recovering from a major back surgery and I know it kills her to not be able to carry the babies... but she can hold and squeeze them when they are on her lap - she glows! She is beautiful on the inside and the outside.
A little about my "Gramp". He loves the babies too, and knows how to make them laugh. He can talk to them in a donald duck voice that is awesome, and gives great nicknames. He loves old cars, driving, restoring, and talking about them. He also builds and flys remote control airplanes. In addition to all of this, he plays harmonica, the violin and sings karaoke (he was in the finals for "American Idol" on his cruise!)

I am so blessed to have these wonderful people in my life, they are the best.
Happy Birthday and Anniversary!
I love you - and Liam loves you too!

Gran put these photos together to put on one of the tables at my wedding. The first photo is my parents, the middle is gran and gramp, and the third is grans parents.

These photos were taken at their place in Eugene, OR while we were there visiting.

Everyone asks where Liam gets his beautiful blue eyes, and my immediate thought is from his daddy... but - gran and gramp also have stunning blue eyes, so - maybe from them???

A round of applause for Great Gran

With Great Gran and G-link

just kickin back

smiles all around

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy 11 months Liam!

Eleven months? The countdown is officially on to THE BIG ONE! But, before we get ahead of ourselves - let's talk about your 11th amazing month.
This month was your SOCIAL month. We have figured out - or rather YOU have figured out that you are a people person. You may not always want to go to a new person that you have just met right away, but once you have made up your mind that the person is "ok" by your standards... you have a new BFF. New BFF's this month include your great grandma and grandpa williams. You loved these guys - they had toys at their house that you thought were really cool too! Your cousin Lucas... and your pal Grant (aka Lil G $). You also really dug seeing all of your "aunties" this month (carey, kerry, tonya, tiff and tate)! Last but not least - you reunited w/ your G-link and papa who spoil you like crazy - and you just eat it up.
Biggies this month:
You travelled to Oregon for the second time, you experienced thunder, lightning and big rain there. You visited the Oregon coast, you went to a birthday party. You are thrilled with your ability to clap, give high fives, eat what mommy and daddy are eating, cruise, dance and swim. You ate McDonalds AND Spaghetti-o's this month... Mommy swore she would NOT be THAT mom... the one that feeds her kids that stuff, but you loved it, we just wont make a habit of it!.
You are a busy body and never sit still for too long ESPECIALLY ON AIRPLANES... this months plane ride was a wee bit different than the last one where you slept like a little angel. This time you earned the "squirmyworm" title, and did a great job of beating up your poor mom and dad.
Have I mentioned your ever growing independence? I believe i have, and the more you mature, the more I see that attribute in you - sometimes your independence scares me, but most of the time it makes me proud... proud of what a wonderful little boy we have been blessed with. (thats right, i said "little boy" which seems more and more fitting a description for you than "little baby" as the days pass.)
You turned 11 months old on a Sunday - we spent your morning w/ a silly hair do at breakfast, a small nap at church then having lunch at The Alamo , where you flirted like mad w/ a table full of ladies who thought you were pretty hot stuff. After your big nap you woke up and played in your tent, got to watch dinner in front of the TV where you watched your first movie - it was BABE, and it actually kept your attention, you liked the dogs because they looked just like Jinx and Ace. You finished up your day w/ a swim... ahhh, to be 11 months!

We love you beanie!

Dinner and a movie
evening swim

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Grandpa Finkenbrink on the Today Show!

In case you missed it - Liam's Great Grandpa was featured on the Today Show this morning! He said that his secret to longevity - is to never get old. I think we all could benefit from that advice!
Here is the segment.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Oregon Coast

We spent the day at the beautiful Oregon Coast! If you have never been... GO! We ate at MO's (an Oregon landmark) in Lincoln City. We also visited Depoe Bay and Newport.

Check out this view from The Cape Foulweather Lookout at The Devils Punchbowl!

If you look REALLY closely - you will see Kurt and I down by the fence.

My main men.
We found lots of little wild kittens. This one was a really pretty kitty.

Seagull babies!

Grandpa will do anything to make Liam smile, even risk the jaws of these fierce fish!

We couldn't resist.

Friday, July 10, 2009

oregon day 2 lots of friends!

So far we have had LOTS of fun in Oregon and got to meet and see lots of friends. Today Liam got to meet his Great Grandma Sara for the very first time! Grandma Sara is my Dad's mom - and she is originally from Puerto Rico - she was amazed w/ Liam's Blonde Hair and Blue eyes. She was REALLY happy to get to meet him. Last time we visited she had been sick and did not get the chance to spend time with him.

Happy Great Grandma Sara and Liam

with Dad too.
We also got to have lunch w/ pals Josh, Kerry and their son Grant. Grant is about a year older than Liam, and such a good and adorable boy!

We went into the city to see "auntie Tonya" who came down from Seattle! She is the best - she brought that cute hat for Lima Bean, and a sweet outfit to go with it... can't wait to wear it all together!

Mini was also able to meet up with us :) that was an extra special treat.

Liam loves his aunties!

Mama and Baby

Super cute baby - is this Bambi or what?

Different Mama and her babies, this mama has twins :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Welcome to Oregon

Liam made his second trip on an airplane yesterday! He did great - although he is now an entirely different boy... and I mean BOY. He didn't sleep a wink, was a wiggle worm, and flirted w/ the lady behind us. All in all though, he did great AND he got to meet his cousin Lucas for the first time!!

We were greeted in Oregon at my parents house by one lonely little pansy growing out of a crack int he concrete!

Isn't it cute??

Here is Liam, Lucas and my parents - comparing their feet! (Lucas is almost exactly one month older than Liam.) Looks like gramma and gramps have their hands full with these two!

They both like fish!

Liam is happy to have a pal.

Sharing is fun!

Dinnah time :)

Play time.

Random video - there are DEER here... and they just had babies!
We missed a lot of the frolicking... but here is one cute baby playing. Hopefully we will get some better footage to share this week...