Friday, June 25, 2010

dancey dance

I am touching down at home just long enough to have one nights sleep in my own wonderful bed, and to share one sweet morning with my boys.

And to see Liam do his animal dancey dance!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy 22 months Liam! Happy Father's Day Daddy!

Happy 22 months Lima Bean!
Well, it makes sense that you would be awesome at being 22 months old, because your favorite number is two! Whenever you ask for something, you usually want TWO of said item. Probably because you know you get two bears (vitamins)... and when we count one....TWO.... three..... something good usually comes at the end of the counting - like SLIDING down the slide, or JUMPING in the pool, or a big PUSH on the swing.

I started writing down all of the words you say - I even started entering them into an excel spreadsheet. I swore that I would take the time to enter the new words as you said them... but i failed - rather you flourished... you say entirely too many words for me to record... when i realized that my efforts would be futile, you were over 125 words... you must be close to 200 by now. you are SO very smart!

This weekend was really fun! On Saturday we went to a local event called "touch a truck" which was great because you are really OBSESSED with trucks. It was a big FREE event where they brought in tons of trucks and the kids could climb on them, honk to horns, push the buttons, etc. etc. there were police vehicles, fire engines, cement mixers, military vehicles, boats, a helicopter, dump trucks, UPS trucks - you name it, it was there. we had no idea just how many trucks would be there! Your favorite by far was the K9 search and rescue unit. You got to meet the dogs who find people when there has been a disaster. They gave you a baseball type card with a photo of your favorite dog, and his stats. It has been in your hand for the past two days! You do love dogs!

For Father's Day, you spent the whole day with your daddy. You went to church and then played in the pool at home, and your grandma Arlene came to visit. What a great weekend!

Looking forward you your double deuces month!

Love you!

We took a lot of pics a the event :) enjoy!

Friday, June 18, 2010

the lake show... and mini bean bryant

there was a little game on tv last night called game 7 of the NBA finals.
there were two little teams playing named the celtics and the lakers.
the celtics wore green, the lakers wore purple and yellow.
because the purple and yellow team won... there was peace in the menslage house!

a couple other things were affected due to the game... my commute home from work was nearly THREE hours (that sucked)... and the L.A. fans rioted the streets and set cars on fire. what is up with L.A.? the lakers win... they riot... the lakers lose... they riot. *sigh*

liam has been REALLY into basketball lately. on our morning walks he points out every single basketball hoop. and says "bask. ball oooop"... and every ball on tv isn't just a ball - its a "bask ball". and he likes to watch basketball on tv. he watches and commentates with things like "throw" "catch" "ball ball ball" "go" "go" "go wakers"!!!

and he looks good in purple and yellow - a vintage # 8 kobe jersey! did you know that kobe's middle name is BEAN? it is... so - kobe bean/ lima bean - maybe liam is destined for basketball fame and glory?!!
daddy is schoolin liam on how to handle the ball

he shoots....
look at that follow through.. so pretty, so pretty!
yeah! he scores!!!
someday liam, that hoop wont be so far away! keep on shooting little buddy!
* heather - yes, its cole's jersey!! we still have the #8 jersey! will return... promise, can't believe it still fits!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


mama has been busy. this month probably marks one of the busiest months i have had in a while... 4 overnight (multiple night) business trips... one consisting of opening two restaurants... two where i have to make presentations in front of lots and lots of people and one marketing meeting with my peers across the country that includes a top chef style "quickfire"challenge. with one trip under my belt, i have been busy in preparation for what is still to come.

thank goodness my amazing hubby is so supportive and has arranged his equally if not more busy schedule to accomodate and care for liam while i have been away.

the weekend while i was away at the restaurant openings, he took liam to his pal Dexter's 2nd bday party. Dexter and Liam are really best of pals... I met his sweet and talented mum (she is an Aussie) at a local moms group. We also have been going to the same church, so Liam and Dexter have become more accquainted in the daycare on Sunday mornings. Recently we have been able to spend a little more quality time together, and Liam was invited to share in Dexters Bday celebration at Griffith Park in L.A. Orignially we weren't going to be able to participate because I was out of town... but Kurt was a trooper and didn't want Liam to miss out on the fun... so he manned the mission and took Liam!! (Am I lucky or WHAT)

they had a blast... and Kurt took photos!!!

READY for the ponies Daddy!
Dexter and Liam... natural cowboys!

Happy Pony Pals

I can't believe I missed this smile! We will have to take him back soon!

They also got to ride the train... and ever since, Liam has been obsessed with "choo choo"

Michelle (Dexter's Mum" has been channeling Ina Garten and made these amazing cupcakes... I think Liam loved them!

We had our great friends Josh and Kerry come visit us from Oregon over the weekend... we didn't take a lot of photos - but stories to come... Liam can't stop saying "JOSH"....

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

weekend work...

There is bound to be chaos when a team is given 2 days to open a cafe!

Our team got the keys to an empty facility on Friday, and after two days of unpacking boxes - LOTS OF BOXES, receiving produce orders, prepping, cooking, making and hanging signs and artwork, many trips to random stores... the cafe was open for business by 7:30am yesterday morning... lots of work, lots of laugh, a few tears and much wine! thank goodness we had a fun crew - but i am so happy to be home!

to fill the empty space and deter from the empty cash register station, we set up a mock farmers market.

to fill up this random little alcove, we created a "refresh" station with complimentary "spa" water.

the salad bar - even with the hideous yellow crocks that we had to use (ours were back ordered)... it turned out ok.

"classics" station... yum

Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy BIrthday G-link!

A very happy birthday to my beautiful Mama!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

holiday weekend

We had a great Memorial Day weekend... we did pretty much nothing, and we went pretty much nowhere, and it was wonderful!

We did take some time to thank and remember those who fought for our country and paid the ultimate price.

We grilled everyday! We ate hotdogs, hamburgers, fish tacos and tri tip over the course of the weekend.

We swam in the pool and enjoyed the great weather.

this photo pretty much sums it up