Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mr. Cool

It is official... Liam has att-i-tude and a killer smile, and these photos prove it!
Our friend Jaime of jlvphotography came over this weekend to snap some pics of the little man and got some really awesome shots.
(would you believe all of these shots were taken in our back yard??)

Monday, February 23, 2009

First Haircut

Liam got his first haircut on Saturday. My camera conveniently stopped working, so all of the photos are from Kurts Camera phone.
Our good friend and hairstylist Veronica at The Annex did a great job - she trimmed and cleaned up - but still kept his awesome 'do.

In the waiting room

Discussing your styling options.

Trimming in action

With Daddy and Vee-ron

Friday, February 20, 2009

Half-a-year! Where has my baby gone?

6 – count em… SIX – a half a dozen big months of Liam, and it has gone by as if it had been 6 days. So much has gone on with you over the past month, it’s like you aren’t just a little baby anymore – you are turning into a little person… with your own personality – and your own quirks. Your little body has gone from being just a swaddled, sleeping, crying, pooping, helpless little teeny infant…. To a sleeping, pooping, playing, eating, squealing, hugging, tugging, scooching, sitting up, playing, rolling, laughing, loveable (dare I say it ) toddler. Well, maybe not quiiite a “toddler” yet – but I wouldn’t classify you as an “infant” anymore. Case in point – you are about a minute away from outgrowing your “infant” car seat. I remember when we brought you home from the hospital, we had that thing cranked down, had added head rests, and neck rolls, and stuffed blankets in there just so you wouldn’t flop around… now – every adjustment is maxed out, you barely fit with just a t-shirt on (forget about it if you are wearing a sweater) and your toes even hang over! The mfg. says the weight limit is 22 lbs… you weighed in at 20 even at your Dr’s appt this week – and you are 27.5 inches long (that’s over two feet!!!)
Liam, you bring so much joy to us! Meal times are an especially happy time in our house. You have proven to be a bit of a clown and provide us with so much entertainment – who would have thought just watching a baby eat would be so much fun…. But it really is SO much more than just eating, or just food, or just sustenance. I am realizing that eating IS learning, and all of these little faces you are making are all the result of a FIRST experience… a first taste of cereal (happy face) a first taste of bananas (unsure face) a first taste of peas (disgusted face) a first taste of pumpkin (messy face) a first time holding the spoon (triumph!)… you are even drinking water from a cup (victorious)!
This is turning into a novel – but this past month was just so entirely jam packed with new things… one not so fun new thing was your horrible cold and ear infection diagnosis (bummer) and it was so sad to see you so sad – but you took your medicine like a champ, and are back to your old self already.
Happy 6 month birthday Lima Bean.

Friday, February 13, 2009

not so sweet pea...

i'll keep this one short and sweet.

one observation about peas. and two lessons learned.

* fresh peas that are pureed are astonishingly GREENER than what you see in baby food jars.
* liam clearly does not like peas (for now).
* oops... i guess i should have referred to all of those baby food books i have,and i would have known that peas are on the "introduce at 7 months" list.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

sweet potatah

This post is a bit delayed, because we actually started the sweet potatoes about a week ago... with Liam being sick etc. i haven't had time to get the pics posted.
We decided that we were going to do our best to make Liam's baby food from scratch using whole fresh organic ingredients - and locally-grown whenever possible. (Yes, I am drinking the Bon Appetit sustainability kool-aid, but there are worse things! For anyone who doesn't know - I work for Bon Appetit, here is a link to our site on sustainability and social responsibility) Kammy got me the awesome "babycook" machine for my shower - and I have been dying to use it - finally I have. I have a feeling, I will be using it ALOT. The little machine is a tiny dynamo, it steams AND purees - and is a total indulgence, but i love it - did i mention that it looks really cool too? The only REAL work i had to do was peel and dice the sweet potatoes. The machine pretty much did the rest. We started with two potatoes at a time, that gave us enough for a few feedings with leftover to freeze for next time. Liam wasn't sure about this new food at first, but once I got the consistency right, and by the 2nd feeding he gobbled it up. Next veggie will be peas - I think we will try those tonight!
the sweet potato flow chart :)
daddy feeds Liam

mmmmmmmaybe i'll eat this.

i can drink water from a cup now!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good News/Bad News

Bad news first...
Liam has been sick with a really bad cold all weekend, we took him to the Dr. yesterday - and turns out he has an ear infection :( so, my little baby started taking his first antibiotics (amoxicillin). the instant i opened the bottle of bright pink liquid, that smell - half medicine, half bubblegum smell brought me right back to being a little kid and sick... funny how smells do that. i told kurt, and he smelled it - did the same thing to him!
Liam has been out of daycare and I have been staying home with him for two days. And I am seriously getting the bare minimum amount of work done, I am secretly (or not so secretly) really loving spending the extra time with him - also, since he has been sick, he has been really clingy and needy... the extra cuddles have been priceless! All of that being said... seeing him so miserable breaks my heart.
Lucky for Liam, the whole family is pitching in to take care of him and make sure that he feels better soon! (special thanks to nurse ace!

Ok - now the good news.
On the same day he was diagnosed with an ear infection - he showed us that a little old infection wasn't going to keep him down - and he decided he wanted to sit up... by himself :) I put the boppy behind him because i am paranoid... but he didn't need it, and loves his new "trick"!

Friday, February 6, 2009

feeling black and white

Sorry mom - no Liam in this post.
Lately I have been very inspired by all of these great design blogs out there. My most recent fave inspiration photo is the first photo below. I actually found this photo after i picked up the most fab white chesterfield/style sofa a few weeks ago. Although I loved the sofa, i kept second guessing that it would "go" and how i was going to incorporate it etc. After I saw this pic, I knew it was a great purchase with lots of potential. What i also really love in this photo (that i do NOT currently have) are the amazing build outs, and that to die for vintage zebra rug! M
aybe some day. If I ever do splurge for either, I will update w/ pics.

Here are my cheap impersonations! Ace is filling in for the zebra rug!

Inspired by the zebra rug (and my cute little pup) I have been feeling "Black and white" - i put out a few of my little black and white doo dads in the ikea hutch. (which by the way is going on 4 years old, and still standing - i am shocked)

These little cocktail plates are "vintage" pottery barn - the sayings are super cute.

My favorite.
I will resume my regulary scheduled Liam posts next time. Have a great weekend!

Monday, February 2, 2009

photo catch up

With the holidays, and everything going on these days, i haven't gone through my camera and downloaded all the photos or organized anything for a while. As I was looking through them tonight, there were a few that were just too cute not to share... in no particular order... just playing photo catch up!

Chillin' on the sofa.

Daddy showing me how to be a "BIG FAN"

This is a crazy V-hawk hair day

omg, how cute is this? Chris just put him to sleep with a massage, and Todd is filing his nails... we call it the "Daddy Day Spa" (Chris said that Liam fell asleep before they could give him the seaweed wrap!)

This is from that same day - all the boys were hangin out in the living room, while all the girls were in the kitchen... boy/girl segregation - just like in middle school!

This is my "build it and they will come" photo of Ace. I put this sheet and pillow down on the floor, and within 3 minutes, guess who came to test it out??? ACE FACE!

Cute Daddy and Son shot from our picnic lunch on Saturday.

I think we may even have forgotten to mention that Liam is now eating cereal like he's been doing it his whole life! This photo is the FIRST bite, and the video below is also from the first meal. We will be trying veggies later this week.. more updates on those fun adventures!