Thursday, December 16, 2010

9 bottles of prosecco...

No - I didn't drink all 9 by myself.. i had some help from a few good friends. Over the weekend, we hosted our first "Holiday Kickoff/ December Birthday Celebration" December is always such a crazy month with holiday parties, shopping, Christmas cards, wrapping - add in the fact that BOTH Kurt and I have December bdays (yay sagg) - we rarely throw ourselves a bday party - this year was different - we decided - "what the heck" lets have some fun with this. We invited a bunch of friends - and naturally being that it is the holiday season, a lot of our pals sadly couldn't come... but that didn't stop the party people that did show up from having a great time. We had a very special guest on the guestlist - MINI :) my bff... she came in on thursday and stayed through Sunday - it was SO great to see her, and she was an amazing help to have while preparing for our fete!

We sent out our e-vites about a month ago asking people to bring their favorite appetizer along with the recipe to share - this was a GREAT idea - not only did everyone bring their A-game.. it meant I didn't have as much to do.

We had:
- baked brie en croute w/ bacon and mushrooms with a brandy reduction (OMG)
- gorgonzola and walnut crostini topped with fig and drizzled with honey (OMG)
- prosciutto and bocconcini skewers (yumm-o)
- endive, pear and gorgonzola one bite salads (MMM)
- mac n cheese balls (thank you trader joes)
- goat cheese, tomato and pine nut crostini (tasty)
- 7 layer magic bars (toasty coconut!)
- red velvet cake balls with crushed peppermint (oh yes we did)

AND we had a prosecco bar! that is how we easily downed those 9 bottles... some straight up - but mostly sprinkled in with a little pomegranate juice / peach puree / limoncello etc. etc.

just some holiday decor - we filled that bowl w/ kettle corn :)
Here is mini working hard on the one bite salads!
here is the NON-alcoholic bar (tucked away all the way in the back)
And the prosecco bar!
We also had a traditional bar set up when you first arrive... nothing like being greeted by an open bar!
Me and mini - moments before the first guest arrived
some pals having a toast (kim, gina, rich, ryan)
red velvet deliciousness

this is what the little trash can looked like in the morning - i think this even had been emptied at one point during the night.

happy holiday kickoff!
and happy birthday to all of the December bdays!

Monday, December 6, 2010

blessed... abundantly!

Thanksgiving has come and gone... and without a blog post from me.... Not that it's means for a bah-humbug... just that we are SO absolutely abundantly blessed, we have just been busy living our delicious, amazing, beautiful life.

We are so thankful. So thankful for SO many things...
to name a few:
our family, friends, Liam's school, our small group, our church... our health, our doggies, food on the table, fun to be had... just life... sweet life.

Liam - you make this life simply.... lovely! Who knew one sweet little boy could bring so much joy?

We spent our Thanksgiving morning with good friends and family - of course, we forgot to take pics... but we LOVE you todd/kam/grammy M.! Thanks for a fun kickoff to the day.

We were lucky enough to get to spend the evening at Heather and Jims... we DO have some pics - on another camera... i hope to post them soon - Heather's Dad made the turkey on the Weber... hands down - BEST turkey EVER! Gracias to all the peeps of Casa Tequilla!!! xoxo

Here is a glimpse of what has been happening in the last week or so...

just another day in the life of a rockstar!

he don't need no stinkin' door!

In case you didn't know - Liam's sense of style is un-matched... especially when the weather calls for LOTS of accessories!
Teddy bear jacket / moto-x pants / woody boots / island hat - i wouldn't have put it all together - but its FAB.
A birthday dinner for Kurt with good friends - impromptu Bolognese!!!
The first of the ornaments on the tree!
(YES, those ARE his mummy pj's from Halloween... he loves them...they fit...they were clean - we pick and choose our battles around here)
The elves that watches Liam to make sure he is being "nice" and NOT "naughty"... i am not quite sure HOW he gets this concept... but he does... a Christmas miracle! Daddy - putting the star on top!
This is what happens when you throw a snowball to a two year old and expect him to catch it!
Happy Holidays!