Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Quad-mester cruise control

Dear Liam,
Here we are again, the 19th of another month, which means you are another month older - this time you are THREE months old. Three months is significant because when I was pregnant with you, my life was lived in "trimesters" or periods of "THREE" months - and there were THREE of them.
* Trimester ONE = "omg, I'm PREGNANT trimester!" this trimester was happy, anxious, nervous, and filled with a very unsettled tummy always reminding me that although nobody else could tell... you were always with me... my little secret!
* Trimester TWO = "omg - YOU'RE pregnant" trimester... at least that is what everyone said to me - because the cat was out of the bag! A couple of other things happened in this trimester... i felt a LOT better, and my belly was starting to grow - which also meant YOU were starting to grow!
* Trimester THREE = "omg - there is really a baby in there, and he is coming out soon!" this trimester was filled again with anxiousness and excitement (along with some REALLY swollen feet and an extra 40 lbs!) And of course, it ended in the most amazing day - the day you were born, and it was love at first sight.
While we are on the topic of trimesters... according to that guy who wrote "The happiest baby on the block, babies actually experience what he calls "the fourth trimester" which is the first three months in the outside world. During this time, he suggests that doing things that replicate life in the womb to help to make babies feel more comfortable - so we have been playing a lot of white noise for you, swaddling you, rocking and shhhhshing you. Now, little Liam, you have successfully made it through ALL of the trimesters (or quad-mesters really) I guess you are officially a little person, and you should be getting used to this outside world, that is officially yours!
We went to your three month Dr's appt and you were in the 90th percentile again! 15 lbs and 12 oz was your weight, and 25 1/2 inches was your length. The doc said that you are on "cruise control" and that you are one of the happiest, healthiest little babies he has ever seen... and he said he doesn't just say that to everyone! We would have to agree! You are becoming more "you" every day - your crooked sneaky little smiles have turned into joyous uncontrollable giggles, your squeaky coos are now robust conversations held between you and anyone who will listen.
You love car rides, trips to the park, walks, bath time and playing at home w/ mommy and daddy. Although neither mom or dad can hold a tune, it doesn't seem to bother you, and you love being sung to. You start daycare tomorrow and will be going one or two days a week until i return back to work full time in January... although it will break my heart to drop you off with a virtual stranger - i know it will be great for you, and you will enjoy meeting other babies and making friends!
Although I didn't think it was possible, I love you more today even than the day we met three months ago! Happy three months Liam - the world is yours!


Tiffany said...

what a sweet letter to Liam! I forget how close in age they are sometimes. I love the picture too! Congrats Liam on turning 3 months!

Jim Murphy said...

That was a great post. Very touching. Way to go Liam!

Mommy Moreno said...

awwww! what a sweet letter to little liam! he sounds like a sweetheart of a baby :) congrats on getting thru your first day of day care

becoming-mom said...

So sweet. I'm sorry, but I can't get over the red mohawk, it's too cute!