Monday, April 20, 2009

Surf's Up - Happy 8 months!

Happy 8 months cutie :)

Remember last month when I said it was the best month yet - well, i take it back (AGAIN) because THIS month is the best yet!
Lots of firsts! Your first Easter and Dodger opening day game (Two BIGGIES) and you did great at both!

You are still crawling backwards, so fast in fact that you had a little fall off the bed this month. You landed on your feet, but ever since the fall you haven't been wanting to put any weight on your right leg. We took you to the Dr. on Friday, he ordered X-rays, so - you also got your first real X-rays this month ... i hadn't seen pictures of your bones since you were in my belly! Even your bones are cute, and more importantly - in tact.. no fractures! You probably are just a little sore. We promise we will be more careful and never let that happen again.
One more thing - that ISN'T a first... and just as NOT fun as a sore leg... you have ANOTHER ear infection. This is number THREE. I guess you are going to be one of those kids... THOSE kids... the ones where a sniffle becomes an ear infection. It is so hard to tell the difference between "teething" and "ear infection"... especially when you have both going on. We are getting better at identifying.. thank goodness for Gail (your wonderful daycare provider) who helps us out with those things, and takes great care of you - even when you aren't feeling well.
Your top two teeth are coming in now, they are hard to see, and you don't like me looking in your mouth. The bottom two are growing and your little bottom-toothy smile is priceless.
You are vocal, happy, and a total flirt. I have a feeling you are definitely going to be a ladies man. You had all the women at the dr's office swooning over you, you get a lot of attention and you just eat it up - you eat it up the way I want to eat you up every day! I just love your baby toes and your chubby baby legs and your soft baby cheeks. I take lots of bites every day, and you giggle, and giggle, and sometimes absolutely crack up - I know it wont last forever and I hope i never forget the precious sound of your giggles and your baby squeals... i think these are my most favorite sounds in the world.

Gramma-linkey bought you this Surfs Up outfit before she even met you... I think she did a pretty good job, because you look cute in it :) And she got the size/season right! It was 100 degrees yesterday, and will be in the 90s today. We took these pics before daycare this morning.

I couldn't have set this one up. Yesterda, you CRASHED OUT - right into your bunny. First ON your bunny, then somehow you moved - but ended up in the exact same position as your bunny. You are CLASSIC!


Anonymous said...

Oh, he is sooo cute. Looks great in the baby blue. 8 months of total bliss and happiness for me and grandpa!!

Tiffany said...

what a doll! He has such a big smile! and a note to Liam .. you better stay away from edges mister thats scary for mommy and daddy!

becoming-mom said...

Happy 8 months Liam!
Another ear infection, I'm so sorry :(

Those bunny pictures are priceless.. I don't think Jasper has every crashed out anywhere ever. I wish! ;)