Friday, July 27, 2012

when life gets in the way...

So, the hiatus went on extended extension.
We really haven't been under a rock.
We've been out living life.

here is a bit of what we've been up to, just a few shots from the iPhone from the past couple of months.

We took a little trip out to Pawley's Island S.C. with some good friends!
Liam found some sea treasures
the boys thought the beach was "clothing optional!"

Great family memories!
I took Liam to work and he met Woody and Buzz

 We painted the house!

We went to the farmer's market!

We kept on painting the house!

We made gift baskets for our great teachers.

Liam jumped and jumped

and learned how to take photos w/ the iPhone

we baked

and sprinkled

Liam sang me a song for Mother's Day

and gave me a manicure

he had fun in the "little pool"

went clubbin'

found a new favorite dessert spot

I taught people about misunderstood vegetables

we got silly

liam slept with us a few times and this is generally how it turned out

Spent a lot of time with these sweet BFF's

Ace has been being Acey

Liam taught us how to "chive blossom boogie"

We cooked fresh vegetables from our CSA boxes

We ALMOST finished painting

We camped in the backyard

Mommy's little monster came out to play

We picked some tomatoes

...and some carrots

I snuck away to "the forrest project" with my girls

Grammalamma and poppy pop came to visit - and took liam to see the disney treasures 

gramma love

grampa love

and now we're tired...

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Anonymous said...

love all the pictures. busy life, happy family! love! xoxo gramma lamma