Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hiiiii Liam!!!

Turn on your speakers and watch!
So cute - almost seems like he is saying "HIIIIIIII" back to me!

Mr. "Crabby" pants (cute outfit courtesy of Gramma Merlinkey)

All the kids go for a walk. (Hmmm looks like we even coordinated our outfits!)

A visit from "uncle Money" (Liam is waving because he is so excited - G$ is a rockstar!)

"You talkin to me!?!"

A nice visit from Elaine and Grammy M

The photo below is from Liam's first week home, but we forgot to post it (oops - sorry!)
A visit from Ron and Elaine (the NEWLYWEDS!)

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Heather said...

I watched the video with Cole and he just laughed back at Liam. Very cute!