Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy THREE WEEK birthday Liam!

I can hardly believe we have known you for three weeks already. In just three weeks you have already changed so much. We have seen the pediatrician twice. You made it back up to your birth weight. We go back to the Dr. for a one month appt. - I am excited to see the progress you have made. You are going a solid 3 hours between feedings, and the nights have been better, although mom and dad are still tired. Gramma Marilyn went home last week, so we have been on our own with you - that has been both amazing and terrifying. Lucky for us, you are such a good boy and don't give us much trouble. (you are a loud mouth when you are hungry though!!)

You have officially take over the house. You have a pack n play, swing, and play mat in the family room (its basically a mini nursery)... you have a bassinet and changing station in our bedroom, and of course your very own baby suite nursery with all the amenities. OH - and your very own bathroom.

So far your outings have included visitng Great Grandpa, Grammy "M", your Dr, Mom's Dr., and the park w/ the doggies.

here are some highlights.


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