Wednesday, August 20, 2008

He is here!

So... it has taken me almost three weeks to post since Liam has arrived, I think being a new mom sort of delays things!

He was born Tuesday Aug. 19th at 12:59 pm at West Hills Hospital. He was born via planned C-section due to pregnancy onset hypertension and risk of shoulder dystocia due to him being a "big boy" ... he was 9 lbs!

9 lbs!

Our first "family photo"

Getting to know eachother - and SMILES all around!

Fun with Dad

Gramma Merlinkey - tears of Joy!

Grammy M - BIG cheesy grin!

Grampa and his boy


Welcome Home Liam!

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Suzanne said...

I saw your blog in your nursery post on the Nest from the last time I talked to you. Anyway, Congrats on Liam! He's gorgeous and you look wonderful. Hope your c/s recovery is going well. Welcome to Mommyhood. ;)