Friday, August 29, 2008

First week at home

The first week at home has been exciting and exhausting. Liam is a good baby - not super fussy, and still sleeping a lot. At night he has been giving us almost 3 hours between feedings. Breastfeeding has been going better than expected, he is a good eater. We saw the Dr. for his 1 week appt and his weight is up to where it should be, 8lb 4 oz. (up 4 oz. since release from hospital - just 3 days prior). He had lost some weight while in the hospital, which I guess is normal. It has been great having my mom around to help out. Kurt and I were even able to make it out to a movie together. Thanks Gramma!

First Visit to the Dr's office!

First Bath (well SPONGE bath!)

Super Model Baby
Fun with Grampa Bob, Brooke, and Daddy
Meeting Great Grandpa Finkenbrink for the first time. He is 101 years old. "Liam" comes partially from Great Grandpa's first name "WilLIAM" as well as his other set of Great Grandparents "Gran and Gram' WilLIAMs"

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