Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Auntie Mini Comes to Visit

Kurt left for New York on Sunday, which was perfect timing for Mini to make a visit to L.A. to meet Liam, and to provide some much needed and appreciated backup! She was absolutely amazing to have around.
One; selfishly I loved hanging out with her, catching up, lots of girl talk, and seeing her with Liam.
Two; omg, this girl is absolutely fantastic with babies...Liam just loooved her. She read to him, rocked him, fed him, calmed him down, took naps with him, sang to him, talked to him AND, being that I started back to work part time this week, she watched him for several hours a day while I got back to the swing of things w/ work... you name it, she did it. I kept asking her just to move in with us... I don't think her boss would appreciate that! She stayed from Saturday through Wednesday, and of course I wasn't ready to drop her off at the airport when Wed. afternoon came. We can't wait for her to come and visit again. It will be super fun when Liam is a little older and we can actually get out of the house and do some fun things like the zoo, Disneyland, etc! So... Mini, if you are reading - you have an OPEN invitation - come back soon! We miss you already!

How cute is this? Mini is reading to him, and he is REALLY into the book!

Even Ace-Face got some Mini Love!

Tummy time!

Saying good bye :(

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Tiffany said...

awe looks like you guys had a good time!