Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pumpkin and Banana Pancakes

Yesterday we went out for breakfast with Heather and Mackenzie - we ordered banana pancakes for Liam, it was a first, and he LOVED them.
So - this morning, I made some pancakes at home. We made pumpkin w/ bananas on top. It was a hit!

happy pancake boy.

ta-daaaa - magic... made it disappear. (in MY MOUTH)

since this is an honest blog and i believe in full disclosure, i admit - i had a little help from my friend williams sonoma!


Anonymous said...

he is sooo cute. Hadn't seen his sweet face for awhile. had been missing him. Hey, pancakes for his13th month bday. Guess that is a cake! Happy bday Liam.

Tiffany said...

Those look yummy! I am lovin his hair!

becoming-mom said...

YUM! File this away under the "something Jasper would love if he would only try anything new" category and saving for later :)