Thursday, September 3, 2009

Santa Barbara Zoo

I am finally catching up... and am taking advantage of a few minutes here while I am at a standstill on a project to upload some of the pics from the Santa Barbara Zoo! Which is where we took Liam on his first birthday. This zoo is so little and cute, and completely doable with a baby/toddler - or school age child. There were tons of strollers and we even met a couple who were there visiting the zoo with their 6 month old triplets!! (how did we get to talk to them? They were asking about my camera of course!) Anyway - here is our day in photos.

They had these great eggs that were fun photo ops - liam loved crawling around in them

And modelling in them - he thought he was in a J-crew ad here!

Mommy liked playing in the egg too, but I think two was a crowd for Liam!

Our dog Ace's favorite trick in Agility is the "tunnel" ... I think Liam might give Ace a run for his money. There was a funny little girl in the background cheering Liam all the way through.

Daddy enjoyed the zoo too!

Ashley would have loved these giraffes - isn't it cute how their little necks are intertwined?

what you are about to see next is ASTONISHING.. at least to Liam who is seeing it for the first time...
Look at the California Condor... their wing span is 9 feet!
Equally as astonishing was what was going on in the Lions Den... a little bow-chikka-bow-bow... I appropriately had to give these photos the 1960's porn treatment.


Anonymous said...

i had the same look on my face when Dad and I drove the coast hwy to your house. In the Big Sur area one of those condors flew right in front of our windshield, covered the whole thing. I thought it was a turkey vulture, but now that I see the zoo pic, think it was the condor. I love all of the pics! great zoo!

Smashley said...

Omg the Girraffe are sooooooooooooo cute~!!!!!


Taylor said...

So glad you and Tiff have been taking the boys to zoo's... Maybe the COOLEST child-hood (and my all time favorite) experiences. Looks like you guys had fun.

Can't wait to see you.. 13 days and counting till we hit the road.

becoming-mom said...

What a great day you all had! Liam will be so happy to see these pictures one day..