Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy 14 Months Lima Bean!

What a difference a year makes!
Last year for your TWO month birthday, we took you to the Calabasas Pumpkin Festival... which fell the same weekend this year, so - you went again!

Some things were the same.
* it was HOT.. HOT.. HOT - even hotter this year.
* Daddy and I enjoyed a pumpkin beer (a sure sign that no matter the temperature outside, fall is here)
* there were lots of pumpkins
* we are so blessed to share it with you

Some things were different
* YOU... you are a whole new man - complete with your squiry wormy snuggly goodness
* your friends Nate and Abby joined you
* you met a fuzzy bunny friend named dottie

we saw a cute little baby there with his daddy, he looked so teeny and fragile, and when we asked how old.. the daddy said "2 months" on the inside i thought.. "how in the world is that little baby out and about today"... then i remembered that is exactly the age YOU were, when you came for the first time! you have been out and about for a while now little one. and you are GOOD at it. you are still pretty easy to take out on the town. so far no major tantrums or meltdowns or fussing. and even though it was a million degrees outside - you kept your cool. thats one thing i truly cherish about you - you are a mellow guy. you make being your mommy pretty darn easy. we are blessed.
here are some pics of your day out on the town.
happy 14 months little angel.
i love you mister.

flashbacks - october 2008 (liam 2 months old)

same place, liam 14 months old... how has a whole year gone by?

your pal "Dottie"

bunny loves


Anonymous said...

happy 14 months bday!! These are adorable pictures. So fun to see the comparison from the first time there. The bunny loves are so sweet, and the family pic is great! Grandma loves and misses you like crazy!

becoming-mom said...

Happy 14 months Liam!