Monday, December 14, 2009

ace face....

this blog has been on an extended LOA due to ... life. life being busy - life happening, things to do, places to go, people to see... oh yea - and ace face.

last week (well the thursday before we left for oregon) our little ace face got into a fight with 2 BIG dogs... ace lost.
midnight surgery, 30 staples, drainage kit, lovely new sweater and matching "e-collar#, $1000.oo and 10 days later - he is ok.

* special thanks to sweet amanda, who took such great care of him and his sister jinxie while we were away. (notes on oregon to come later this week)

ace face's ego writing checks his body can't cash!
this fierce ensemble, courtesy of the all night emergency pet hospital


becoming-mom said...

POOR ace!!!! I am/was totally neurotic about other dogs.. ever since we lived in NYC and another stupid dog owner in our building would take her pitt bull down through the building without a leash. Once we were in the elevator and her dog attacked little sammy. GOD I hate people who don't keep their dogs on leashes!

Anyway, Jeff used to think I was nuts, but I NEVER used to let sammy sniff/go near other dogs on walks because being a shih tzu she was tiny but she would always try to start something with the other dog- even if the other dog was 10 times her size. It wasn't worth the anxiety for me.

Anyway, I hope ACE feels better soon :(

Anonymous said...

poor sweet ace-face. but I am glad he is doing better. trip to the vet was worth it!