Friday, December 18, 2009

oregon, just a few pics.

Liam has now successfully made three round trips from Los Angeles to Oregon!
The first time the plane ride was a piece of cake at six months old.
The second time - he was a little more wiggly, a little tougher.
THIS TIME... although he didn't cry much, he would NOT sit still, not for 3 seconds. Thank goodness the flight wasn't even half full there and back, so we had a bit of extra room. Lucky for us because we hadn't purchased a ticket for him... next trip we probably will have to.

The trip was great - my parents hadn't seen Liam since his first bday, and they were in need of a serious fix.. especially my mom (G-link)
This is where you could find Liam 99.9% of the time we were there!

We got to visit the GREATS in Eugene while we were there. "Gran" was just about as excited to see Lima Bean as G-link.
OH LOOK.. its a Liam Sandwich!

After giving Liam a sufficient amount of time to warm up... she finally got her wish... Just to sit and rock this crazy boy for a few minutes while he drifted of to nappy time.

"Gramp" got a little Liam time too. We were saying "Give Gramps the Great a kiss Liam" .. he was kissing... but the kisses weren't landing anywhere!

Another treat we got while in Oregon (Kurt and I) was a trip away.. for one night... ALONE... NO LIAM. Kurts bday was Dec. 6 so, I planned this for his bday gift. We stayed at the Oregon Garden Inn. Which was a cozy - craftsman lodge in Silverton Oregon, with lots of little cottages.
When we got to our room, it was so quiet, we kind of didn't know what to do.

We stayed in the Green Cottage.

Did I mention it was COLD while we were there?

We spent some time cozying up by the fire in the lodge.
And in the room.

finaly... i left my camera battery on the charger plugged into the wal while we were there. As of today, I still have not received it. And this explains why the photos from this trip end here....

which was unfortunate because I really had wanted to get Liam's Chrismas photo done while we were there... and it actually SNOWED the last day we were there... and he had snowflakes in his hair... and it was SO cute.
It also is unfortunate because I don't have a photo of Liam and my Dad (who by the way makes the best Rice Krispy Treats, and made them for Liam and Me! thanks Dad!)


Anonymous said...

yes, I did need a Liam fix! Thanks, it is appreciated very much! Was so happy to see all of you!

becoming-mom said...

Aw, sucks about the battery!! I hope you get it back soon. looks like a great trip, I can't EVEN IMAGINE taking Jasper on any sort of plain ride now.. how in the world does one get a toddler to sit on a lap or a seat for the mandatory 20 minutes of takeoff and landing??