Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy 22 months Liam! Happy Father's Day Daddy!

Happy 22 months Lima Bean!
Well, it makes sense that you would be awesome at being 22 months old, because your favorite number is two! Whenever you ask for something, you usually want TWO of said item. Probably because you know you get two bears (vitamins)... and when we count one....TWO.... three..... something good usually comes at the end of the counting - like SLIDING down the slide, or JUMPING in the pool, or a big PUSH on the swing.

I started writing down all of the words you say - I even started entering them into an excel spreadsheet. I swore that I would take the time to enter the new words as you said them... but i failed - rather you flourished... you say entirely too many words for me to record... when i realized that my efforts would be futile, you were over 125 words... you must be close to 200 by now. you are SO very smart!

This weekend was really fun! On Saturday we went to a local event called "touch a truck" which was great because you are really OBSESSED with trucks. It was a big FREE event where they brought in tons of trucks and the kids could climb on them, honk to horns, push the buttons, etc. etc. there were police vehicles, fire engines, cement mixers, military vehicles, boats, a helicopter, dump trucks, UPS trucks - you name it, it was there. we had no idea just how many trucks would be there! Your favorite by far was the K9 search and rescue unit. You got to meet the dogs who find people when there has been a disaster. They gave you a baseball type card with a photo of your favorite dog, and his stats. It has been in your hand for the past two days! You do love dogs!

For Father's Day, you spent the whole day with your daddy. You went to church and then played in the pool at home, and your grandma Arlene came to visit. What a great weekend!

Looking forward you your double deuces month!

Love you!

We took a lot of pics a the event :) enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Such a nice post. Love the video of pictures. Everyone looked like they were having such fun. Happy 22 months to Lima Bean!!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I popped over after reading becomingmom's latest comments, and was laughing to read that your son Liam is a truck fanatic. My son Finn -- now 21 months -- is totally OBSESSED with all things truck, despite the fact that my husband and I swore we would never have a house full of toy cars and trucks. "We'll push music and art," we said naively. Well, he got a couple of trucks and truck books as gifts from others, and suddenly EVERYTHING else takes a back seat. I'm wondering if it's physiology or brain chemistry or something...???