Friday, June 18, 2010

the lake show... and mini bean bryant

there was a little game on tv last night called game 7 of the NBA finals.
there were two little teams playing named the celtics and the lakers.
the celtics wore green, the lakers wore purple and yellow.
because the purple and yellow team won... there was peace in the menslage house!

a couple other things were affected due to the game... my commute home from work was nearly THREE hours (that sucked)... and the L.A. fans rioted the streets and set cars on fire. what is up with L.A.? the lakers win... they riot... the lakers lose... they riot. *sigh*

liam has been REALLY into basketball lately. on our morning walks he points out every single basketball hoop. and says "bask. ball oooop"... and every ball on tv isn't just a ball - its a "bask ball". and he likes to watch basketball on tv. he watches and commentates with things like "throw" "catch" "ball ball ball" "go" "go" "go wakers"!!!

and he looks good in purple and yellow - a vintage # 8 kobe jersey! did you know that kobe's middle name is BEAN? it is... so - kobe bean/ lima bean - maybe liam is destined for basketball fame and glory?!!
daddy is schoolin liam on how to handle the ball

he shoots....
look at that follow through.. so pretty, so pretty!
yeah! he scores!!!
someday liam, that hoop wont be so far away! keep on shooting little buddy!
* heather - yes, its cole's jersey!! we still have the #8 jersey! will return... promise, can't believe it still fits!!


Anonymous said...

omg, talk about cute pictures! these are so adorable. sign him up with the lakers!! He already looks the part. xoxo g-link

Mommy Moreno said...

awwww hes getting so BIG!!
Love the new look of the blog!