Saturday, March 5, 2011

build with me

one of the many pleasures of living in southern california is that we get temperatures in the 70's even in the winter months. today was one of those days. gorgeous, sunny and warm!

after nap time we played in the back yard. i was kind of trying to get the outdoor furniture organized - it was all tucked in corners and under ledges in an attempt to keep it semi dry during our recent rain - and then... then, i hear this little voice "build with me mommy" - he wants me to build a "tower" with him! "build a tower with me".

how could i not.
everything i was doing.
in my tracks.
because at that moment... "build with me" was exactly what i wanted to do.

it was awesome!

"i did it! i build a BIG tower mommy!"
super determined - concentration and focus!

happy little lima bean!

can you say "lady killer"
either that or "zoolander in training"

every good engineer needs a break after completing a large project. a swing in the hammock is a perfect place to relax!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

cuteness to the max! fantastic tower the two of you built! glad you are getting some sun too!!