Thursday, March 10, 2011

Terrific Two's

Now, I understand we are at just about the half way mark of the second year - so, we still have several months to go. BUT... I am loving TWO... whoever came up with the term "terrible two's" is crazy. Don't get me wrong, there are moments... but I truly feel that any "terrible 2" moments stem from frustration with expressing thoughts/emotions and a general inexperience in communication along with a healthy side of independence. All totally understandable and excusable in my book.

Last night was a great night and I wrote down a few things that I don't want to forget - here is the short list.
- It was almost 90 degrees (IN MARCH!)
- We ate our dinner outside (Liam LOVED that!)
- He ate an entire corndog on a stick - he is such a big boy (he doesn't like to dip in mustard or ketchup)
- He started with an appetizer platter of grapes, yogurt and cheese (his top three foods!)
- There were some bugs, so we had to use a little bug spray
- Daddy took Liam on some very bumpy wagon rides - after each round Liam wanted more and said "just one more time daddy" (one more time turned into about 12 more times)
- We stayed out until dark and watched the sun go down - we brought candles out to light the end of our night
- We all had hooded sweatshirts on... and to Liam's request - it was HOODS UP after dark
- He ended his night outside w/ Daddy and looking at the red and green lights on "his bridge"
- He took a happy bubble bath and even requested to get OUT to go potty! (breakthrough)
- We read three stories (thats our rule at bed time... THREE stories) but it was such a great night, that he got a BONUS book :)

This morning was terrific too - doesn't he look so cute in his big boy outfit with his cool guy hair?
love those baby blues
"mommy, i run super fast!"


becoming-mom said...

Aw, what a night to remember.. and now you WILL remember it! :)

Anonymous said...

sometimes it is the everyday moments that are soooo special. Sounds like a great night. Very cute pictures too. Makes me feel like I was almost there. (which now, actually won't be too long).