Sunday, April 10, 2011

skatelab and besties

I don't know what it is about San Diego, maybe there is something in the water - but the people who live there RULE. We had a GREAT Saturday night spent with our local pals Chris and Wendy... and bonus guests Tobi, Tanner, Bryce and Carly. The Tanners are one of our favorite families who we wish lived next door! We always have the best time when we are together. I met Tobi through work over 10 years ago (We all worked together... Kurt/Tobi/Wendy and I). It's so great we have remained friends over the years. The Tanners live in Point Loma...(San Diego)... which is lovely for them... they have a great street and awesome neighbors, and we haven't been able to sway them away to move to the Conejo Valley YET... it's a work in progress! They were in town for little Bryce's skate competition. He is just 6 years old, and is already a sponsored skateboarder... he pretty much shreds. He competed Saturday and Sunday. On his Saturday run, they asked him what his favorite song was... this completely cool kid answered "Welcome to the Jungle"... LOVE 6 year olds who dig a little GnR! Saturday night was a mellow dinner here at the house... We grilled a little chicken, had a little quinoa salad and a great local greens salad along w/ Wendy's famous bean dip... and of course some great wine. We had so much fun catching up... so did the kiddos.
I asked them to say CHEEEESE... they all did!

Pal-in around. Liam ADORES Miss Carly and idolizes Brycer. I thought it would be fun to take Liam to the skate competition this morning to see Bryce compete. The contest was at the Skatelab - and for a little boy - it was ridiculous sensory OVERLOAD. Imagine hundreds of skateboards, loud music, pads, helmets, and a sick indoor skatepark. Liam now wants to be a pro skater! I think he will be getting a skateboard very soon! Miss Carly took such good care of him at the event.
Bryce got some awesome awards and qualified for state. I think the Tanner family will be hitting the road a lot more with this one. (He is the one 2nd from the left - what a heartbreaker!)
Liam is BIG into skeletons... skulls and crossbones... and anything pirate - matey. He was obsessed with the skatelab wagon. He asked to get his picture by it. Look at how cute he and Carly posed together... I die.


Anonymous said...

sounds and looks like a fun weekend! I just love that last picture by the truck. His pose is adorable and so much like the big boy he now is!!

becoming-mom said...

I'm hurt, I thought we were the family you wished lived next door?? ;)

I can't believe how much we have to catch up on.. London?? So much fun!