Monday, April 25, 2011

easter time 2011

It's safe to say, Easter was a big hit with Liam. He has committed "little bunny foo foo" and "here come's peter cottontail" to memory and sings them on heavy rotation (it's pretty cute... i tried to capture this on video - but he gets camera shy when the "flip" comes out) i need to learn "stealth videography"
Things around here have been really busy ever since we returned from London... two working parents and a busy two and a half year old, make for complete LAST MINUTE Easter prep. i literally was THAT mom... buying eggs on Saturday afternoon while he napped! I haven't bought regular white caged chicken eggs since last Easter... it was a little painful - but we decided to acheive the color saturation we wanted, we had to go white (i am very sorry to the chickens who laid these eggs in an 8.5x11 battery cage.. but thats a whole other topic)

i was so proud of liam who waited very patiently while the little tablets fizzed away in the white vinegar! he is so excited :)

Daddy was a great helper, and showed him how to use the "dippy thing" - which is a cumbersome task when your fingers are only two and a half years old.

he decided the "drop and plop" method was the way to go!

easter morning... after sunday school. the egg he is holding is the infamous "mud egg". when kurt and scott were kids, it was their tradition to pour all of the colors together for the very last egg, and make what they called the "mud egg" liam loved that.

This was taken while we skyped with gramma and grampa as well as great gran and gramp from oregon. this skateboarder and skateboard were in the basket from the oregon easter bunny an dhas been the biggest easter gift so far (i think he even likes it more than chocolate!)

a close up of the "mud egg" we used one of the ones that cracked in the "drop and plop" test... and it came out super cool - like a spider web.

can you tell i love this chocolate-faced kid. btw - my yellow dress was lovingly nick-named the "peep" dress by todd and kammy... i told them.. well, if there is one day a year to wear a "peep" dress, easter is THE day!

At brunch - a visit from his favorite.. rockie the clown! they had a major love affair last easter - he is featured on her website...this year he was a little nervous... check out the look on his face!

getting ready for the big easter egg hunt. he was such a big boy and collected a ton of eggs. he even shared with a little girl who was about a year old - it was the cutest thing ever!

and his favorite part of brunch.. of course the mini desserts. here is a strawberry angel food cupcake..mmmmm

truffle on a stick, i think i'll try that please.

i heart pretty desserts

can't make a decision? eat all three!

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Anonymous said...

I love all of these pictures so much! It really shows your Easter activities, and I felt like I was right there with you, like last year. It looks like it was so much could it not be when Liam is included!