Thursday, June 2, 2011

strep throat...

yep - Liam has it. (First time!)

He got sent home with a 102.8 fever yesterday afternoon. He was sweet and not complaining - even saying he felt "good"... but he was all out of sorts... watery eyes, lethargic and zoney with no energy (he took a 4 hour nap when he got home!).
When he got up, I knew something was really wrong, so I scooped him up and zipped him over to the after hours pediatrician (we love this place) he saw Dr. Marshall who did all of the tests on him and got a positive strep culture. We are now two doses into a ten day cycle of amoxicillan (which he absolutely HATES) and he is already looking and feeling a little bit better (thank goodness!) I just sent Kurt back to the pharmacy to get the medicine re-flavored... Liam requested "Grape"... i hope it helps.

Feeling happy though that we nipped this in the bud and he should be back up to his zippy sparkly self before the BIG TRIP to Cape Cod next week.

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Anonymous said...

so glad you have that after hours pediatrician that you like. But so sorry you had to use it. Really hope that our little sweet pea (well, make that Lima Bean) gets better super fast! xoxo