Friday, May 20, 2011

all grown up - ashley's senior prom

We leave in about two and a half weeks for Cape Cod to watch our gorgeous grown up niece Ashley graduate as valedictorian of her class.. we are so proud and SO anxious!

Last weekend she attended her senior prom with her sweet boyfriend and looked absolutely stunning in a peacock blue sparkly princess dress with an intricate up-do (done my my talented sister-in-law) and to make this look even cooler - she wore crystal encrusted converse low tops (ok maybe they aren't actually "converse" but they look like chuck taylors and paired with this dress... are TOTALLY Ashley!) love this girl! (young woman!)

we got a call from her proud papa as he was driving her and her date to the prom, he was so proud of this knockout - look how sweet this moment is (wish i could have been there to see it in person!)

the shoes! how fun
(and smart... remember all of those formal dances with 6 inch heels, coming home with blisters and swearing off heels forever - or at least until the next dance?)

the adorable couple. i love how his tie matches her dress.

the ladies. ashley and her bffs. all of their dresses look great together too - love the jewel tones. i don't think i ever looked this good in high school!

i am amazed that this big group got together for the big day... thats a lot of planning and work (imagine the text strings and FB messages it took to make this happen!)

Ashley - we are so proud of you, and so happy you had such a nice time at your prom! Remember that night always.

Love you!

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