Sunday, September 4, 2011

i heart santa barbara!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!
We didn't have any plans this weekend... in fact, we were slotted to visit family in Oregon, but that didn't materlialize the way we had anticipated that it would. So, here we were with a big fat holiday weekend OPEN! We have all been running around working so hard, we thought (for a minute) about staying home, but then thought that we really needed just a night away... just the three of us.
which was the best idea EVER!
SO.... we headed up the PCH to Santa Barbara for the night! It was just a short hour or so drive... we stopped at the Cold Spring Tavern along the way and took in some local music and some local smoked Santa Maria Tri-tip.. YUM! This was a super fun stop!

We stayed in a fun neighborhood and walked to dinner, ice cream and coffee in the am. Dinner was at "Derks" Ice Cream was at McConnells, and coffee at the Daily Grind... all excellent... Today we went to the Boat House and had some lunch and hung out at the beach... it was a gorgeous day!

After lunch we spent a little time at the Santa Barbara Zoo... .we are members there, so we pop in and pop out and didn't have to spend a bunch of time there... it was fun but crowded. The hightlight was seeing Liam transform into Bat Man!!



Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great family weekend! So glad you guys decided to do this!


Anonymous said...

oh, it looks like you had so much fun! And all of the places looked so cool to visit! I especially love our little batman "the caped crusader". He must be tired from doing good deads all day. xoxo gramma