Saturday, September 10, 2011

Random Rain!?!

It has been in the triple digits for about the last week here in L.A.
The weather man did call for considerably cooler weather this weekend, and either I wasn't listening very well... or he didn't foresee the little squall that kicked up here around noon today!

Liam and I were relaxing, watching TV, checking email when I heard what I thought was thunder... then snapping coming from outside ... i looked out, and sure enough... a little rain.

Perfect opportunity to test out the new ADORABLE pirate rain boots and umbrella that Liam got from his BFF Gavin for his birthday. Although it still is in the 80's, Liam insisted that he put on his "jacket for a rainy day"... and we pulled on the boots (all by himself - on the wrong feet) and put up the umbrella and went out in search of puddles to stomp!

We needed the rain - what a fun, welcome and refreshing surprise!

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore these pictures! I can't believe it was raining. Bet it was fun!