Monday, June 10, 2013

a quick trip to vegas....

 so - we took a quicker than expected trip to Vegas last weekend.

Kurt was heading there for work, and convinced Liam and I to join him, so we got out of school a bit early and headed to the airport on a Thursday Evening. 
Unfortunately, we missed the Cornerstone Open House on Friday Night... look at how cute they decorated. Love the chalk art!


But we got to see all of Liam's great art on Monday morning... so that was ok.

Liam of course did great on the plane, and the LOOOOOONG cab ride and was happy to see Daddy when we arrived at our hotel The Aria. We stayed in the Sky Suites - the beds were HEAVEN.  Liam did not want to get out - and I didn't make him... he looked pretty darn cute all comfy-cozy in that bed!

Kurt worked on Friday, and I was working remotely - but wanted to take a few hours to have some fun with the little man in the big city.  He really wanted to go see the Statue of Liberty at New York New York... so we did, and we went to the Coney Island arcade and kicked my but at Air Hockey.  We bought Magic Handcuffs at the magic store and met "Bumble Bee" from the Transformers. We ate junk food and braved the triple digit heat to walk along Las Vegas BLVD together.  We bought new sunglasses (bright orange) and poker chips from the big Harley Davidson Store...this was our first time in Vegas w/ Liam, a total departure from trips in the past! But so fun.  Later in the afternoon, Liam and I hit the pool to cool off, and then spend the afternoon in THAT BED waiting for Daddy to get home from his business meeting.

Kurt arrived safely to the hotel and we had an 8:00 dinner reservation at the Rainforest Cafe. Liam's first time - he LOVED it... note to self - go back soon! He really wanted this special compass from the Rainforest Cafe gift shop and I told him he had already gotten too many gifts for one day - and that if he still wanted that in the morning, we would go back.....(little did I know what was coming next).

The awesome trip ended abruptly when we got a late night frantic call from Kurts mom... her beloved 11 year old Miniature Schnauzer "Buttons" was killed by a coyote... at OUR HOUSE.... while she was staying there watching OUR DOGS... :( what a buzz kill.  So - we changed our flights and headed out first thing Saturday a.m.  But, as Liam has been telling me lately "Mama, sometimes that's just how life is", and I guess he's right.

It's now 10 days later, and Kurt's mom just left our house for the first time... returning to her own... very quiet, very empty house.  Without her sweet companion.  My heart is still breaking for her.

I learned a lot about Liam during this ordeal.  He is definitely an old soul.  When he found out about Buttons, he cried and cried, saying that he "really loved that little dog"... and that he is "so sad for Grammy M... she lost her best friend, and that must be terrible."  He also said that he wouldn't ask for anything "until Grammy M stopped crying.".... pretty profound statements from a 4 year old.  He has been so great and sweet and ridiculously mature. We told him the truth about how Buttons died, and somehow he "gets it". He understands... I don't know how.  

My sweet Liam.... you are wise beyond your years my little love.

* p.s. I got that Compass for him from the Rainforest Cafe in Costa Mesa after a business meeting I had in Irvine last week... how could I not... best 7.99 I've spent all month.


Anonymous said...

sounds like vegas was a fun trip. He is a very smart and emotional savy kiddo. gramma lamma loves him!! said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun there, traveling can be so fun!

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