Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

I love a long weekend like nobody's business, and this weekend was a little extra long because we took a half day on Friday, and partied right on through to late Monday evening.

We spent a lot of time in the pool on Saturday, and didn't do too much of anything - then on Sunday we went to a wonderful super hero b-day party at the Splash Pad (Memorial Day is opening weekend there.. I'm sure we'll be spending our fair share of time there this summer!)

Monday was pool party day - we kept it mellow and not too big - we kept the menu easy and inexpensive with hot dogs being the main attraction... that is until this amazing fruit shark showed up!  In the age of Pinterest... you never know what will inspire creativity. Thanks Chris and Wendy for bringing this awesome creation! Everybody just loved it!

We were so happy that the Murphy's came! I wish I would have gotten a better photo of this cute family..  I am going to have to take advantage of the fact their pool is under construction this summer and ask them to come over more often for a swim!

The kids jumped from jacuzzi to pool, and engaged in a friendly aqua-zooka battle.

Sweet Andrew... look at the determination on his face.!

The All-American Hot Dog Bar! (Thank you Pinterest for the idea, and Hostess with the Mostess blog for the free printables)

Nothin' like a little hot dog lunch date w/ your best girl.

 Since we are up to our ears in lemons - Todd made AMAZING lemon bars, and I made some lemon cupcakes. A perfect ending to the long weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, the all american hot dog bar looks like the perfect way to celebrate at your party. Pictures show a fun time!