Wednesday, October 1, 2008

6 weeks old!

Has it been 6 weeks already? I now know what moms and dads say when they say "it goes by so fast" ... and its only been 6 weeks! But these 6 weeks have gone by SO FAST.
Liam is such a good boy, very mellow for the most part, BUT... we had a rough weekend - we think he hit what they call a "six week growth spurt". He wanted to eat almost every single about exhausting. The picture below is pretty much what he looked like for almost 3 days. The good news is, he has pulled through, and is back to his regular "happy baby" status! (see video at the end of the post to see!)
Our grumpy boy.

Just being cute.

First time at church, he did great and made it through the whole service, and even met pastor Steve Day (the pastor that married Kurt and I)

The doggie-sitter

I love you hiccup boy!

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