Saturday, December 20, 2008

4 months!

Wow, 4 months already, and you just keep on getting to be more and more fun!!

We had your 4 month appointment with Br. Bromberg yesterday and you continue to keep on tracking in the 90th percentile in height and weight. 17.9 lbs and 26.5 inches... do you know that means that you are nearly TWICE the size you are when you were born??? Thats quite an accomplishment Liam, nice work! Speaking of accomplishments, you rolled over by yourself... three whole times on the day before you turned 4 months!

In the last month you have been a very busy little guy, and pretty much truck around with us everywhere we go! You have visited the Getty Villa and gone to the beach when your grandma and grandpa deitz were here visiting you. You are a trooper in restaurants, and in the car - and love walks in your BOB stroller. You have experienced some cold nights lately - as low as 39 degrees, but you stay toasty warm in your 72 degree bedroom - which by the way, you are now sleeping in full time!!! Although I know it is the best thing for you and you are doing great in there, I really miss you being in our room so close by at night. Now, we watch you on your video monitor to make sure you are safe and sound. You are doing great in daycare, and being a good boy for Grammy M when she comes over to take care of you, which she is doing more often these days (we even got a date night out last night for mommys bday - thanks grammy M)

We are so excited to have you here with us at Christmas time - it brings a whole new magic to the season - we know you don't quite understand it yet - but we can't wait for Christmas morning - the first of many.. making new traditions together and anticipating that priceless Liam smile!

You are so handsome and get a lot of attention - especially for all of that hair of yours that still refuses to lie down (thats ok, we think its cute!) Everyone still thinks you look just like dad - but your Grandma Merlinkey brought over some baby pictures of me, and I have to say - you look a lot like your mommy too!

Nice work on 4 great months Lima Bean!

Photos of me as a baby and Liam :)
* none of these photos of Liam were staged - purely coincedental! *


Mommy Moreno said...

oh my goodness - thats amazing! I was thinking he looked just like his dad but its amazing how identical these pics are - wow.

I hope you are enjoying the holidays this year as a family of THREE!

Happy Holidays!

Tiffany said...

wow you two do look alike! those photos are so neat.

becoming-mom said...

Oh wow, I totally see it Kari!! Yet one more thing we have in common :)