Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A star on top.

We got our ARTIFICAL Christmas tree this year, and for a girl from Oregon; growing up in the land of the "$10.oo U-cut" lots...this is a hard reality to come to grips with. However, the tree we got is 9ft tall, and ALMOST looks real... the only thing missing is the smell of fresh cut pine. We will have to buy some fresh wreaths to get the smell... it just isn't Chrismtas without it.

Kurt is putting the star on top! (You will notice that the top portion of the tree is not yet decorated... I needed a ladder for that since the tree is so dang tall!)

We tried to take pics with the flash and without - neither way does a lit tree any justice... but you get the picture :)

These photos of Liam are just a bonus thrown in for fun. He was sitting up in my office this morning in his pj's with his Lion, and I just thought he looked so cute! (Also... his hair is ALMOST staying down, this is the first time it hasn't stuck straight up) He is looking more and more like a little boy and less like a baby every day.

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