Thursday, December 25, 2008

Liam's First Christmas

Liam's First Christmas was nothing short of MAGICAL.... having a baby in the house puts a whole new spin on the holiday, and I have to say - we love it! I think we spent 3hours opening gifts (hardly something to complain about) but the little guy is LOVED, and had many beautifully wrapped brightly colored boxes and bags to open - thanks to everyone for your thoughtful gifts, Christmas Cheer and Love! Merry Christmas!
Liams favorite gift was the paper!
Leaving Cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Bedtime Story.

Waking up very joyful Christmas Morning.

Stockings in bed.
My hobby horse from Grandma Arlene!

My handmade bear from Auntie Sherri - his name is Bilbry.
The best gift under the tree!!!


1 comment:

becoming-mom said...

Oh these pictures are so precious! I love the wrapping paper video.. I didn't even think to let Jasper play with the paper..

So are you saying Liam hasn't had a four month wakeful period??

I'm so jealous!