Monday, January 19, 2009

5 months of Lima Bean!

Oh little lima bean... my how you've grown!

5 months already and month after month... i can't believe another month has gone by! And month after month i think "i like this stage the best" ... and it just keeps getting better!

Today was a holiday - MLK day, so you had the day off from day care, and I had the day off from work - so, you and i spent the day shopping for (and dreaming) about furniture! Believe it or not, you slept the entire time (i bet your dreams were not about the furniture though!)You are now two full weeks into full time daycare... this morning you and i did the "test run" stroller walk/jog to daycare just to see if we could do it and how long it would take. It took us 18 minutes door to door. Lucky for you, pretty much the entire way there is down hill. It took us a little looonger to get home, and we had to stop a few times on the big hill coming home. Next time we go, I will have an empty stroller on the way home which will make the hill easier on my body... but not on my heart.

You are such a social butterfly - you love a good party, and you shine for an audience. You love standing up with help these days, it makes you happy and very proud of yourself. When you get your legs good and straight you turn and look around the whole room, as if it was a packed auditorium... you beam and smile to your pretend audience as if to say "look at me... look what i can do... check me out... i am STANDING people, this is BIG!" You also think you can sing - i sing to you alot, and lately i think you are trying to sing along... either that, or you are mocking my inability to keep a tune!

We are now pretty much into a schedule/routine/rhythm - especially on the weekdays. Its up by 7ish, food, playtime, get dressed, go to daycare, come home, more playtime, food, bath, story, cuddles, and bed. You are sleeping through the night (YAAAY) most nights you go down at 8, and wake up around 7. We got the ok from Dr. Bromberg to start cereal this month, so we are all "geared" up with the proper equipment. baby spoons - check, rice cereal - check, highchair - check, teeth - we think they are coming because lately you are drooly mcdroolerson, and almost can fit BOTH fists in your mouth at the same time (which is where they usually are)! This time next month, I hope to have happy stories of our new adventures in FOOD!

We love you so much little love bug.

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becoming-mom said...

Have you seen my blog today? I think you are going to like it ;)

BTW, can I hate you just a little about the STTN thing? You are so lucky!!