Thursday, January 8, 2009

2008 The year of MORE

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2009.

My reflection of 2008.... "more"
More surprises, More joy, More hugs and kisses, More Wrinkles, More Smiles, More Mortgage, More Home, More Sun, More Fun, More Pounds, More Yum, More Love, More Diapers, More Lima Bean, More Bliss, More Sleepless nights, More Awe, More Tears, More Laughs, More Love, More Bubbles, More Pain, More Blessings, More Rock and Roll, More Peace, More Beauty, More Work, More rewards, More days in the hospital, More days spent with family, More Mouths to feed, More Family Meals, More Grandparents, More Happy, More Cowbell, More Gifts to Buy, More Presents Under the Tree, More Wisdom, More Mistakes, More to be thankful for, More Love, More Liam, More Kurt, More Jinxie, More Ace Face, More Love, More Love More Love...More More More.....

Some photos from New Years Day 2009
"MORE presents under the tree" (the loot after the dust settled)
"More Sun" (shining golden in the front yard on Jan 1.)
"More Rock and Roll" (If its too loud, you're too old)
"More Love" (and more kurt and more lima bean)
"More Ace Face "(with more ears and extra antlers)
"More relaxing" (with good friends)


Tiffany said...

always gotta have more cow bell!

Mommy Moreno said...

awww! I hope 2009 brings even MORE joy than 2008 did! Happy New Year :)