Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shout out to Ariana and Jasper

I just wanted to send a big shout out to my pals Ariana and Jasper over at Becoming Mom.
Ariana is the epitomy of awesomeness when it comes to things like being a great mom, photographer, writer, designer, and now - teacher. Her adorable son Jasper was born on the same day as Liam - so if there weren't 3000 miles between them, i am sure they would be BFF's someday.
She recently has taken on the task of schooling her peeeps on photo shop and has posted some excellent tutorials to turn your photos from (in her words) "drab to fab" I feel honored because her latest lesson features our very own Lima Bean as shot by Heather.

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becoming-mom said...

Kari, I'm blushing over here ;)

Thanks for the shout out!