Wednesday, May 20, 2009

9's a doozie!

The past 18 months have been some of the most extraordinary I have experienced. The 9 months with you on the inside were scary, exciting, fun, uncomfortable, amazing all at the same time. The 9 months with you on the outside have been challenging, rewarding, incredible, touching, remarkable… amazing.
The past month though… wow, it has been a doozie. “a doozie”… I guess I am allowed to use lame little phrases like that now because… I’m a mom… and finally, I actually really, truly feel like a mom now.. not that I didn’t before, I mean I did, but it was kind of like those few months after you get married where you say you are a “wife” and can’t help but giggling, because its just so WEIRD and NEW and a little bit awkward because even though you have dreamed of this new title and position, you are still working really hard at proving yourself because you aren’t sure how good you are going to be at this new job. Maybe it is because we had our first mother’s day together, which was a beautiful unforgettable day , maybe its that your little personality has come out, and I really feel like we know each other – who knows.. But, finally – I can say… I am a MOM, and I have a SON (without giggling, but with great joy and pride)… it is profound. anyway… I digress….
So.. the doozie month… you are crawling like you have been crawling all your life, and you can maneuver over toys, and legs, and dogs, and from the soft carpet, to the padded alphabet squares to the wood floors, to the scratchy sea grass rugs without a hitch. You can pull yourself up, you talk up a storm.. we have marathon conversations together with nothing put high pitched “aahhhasa” and “oohhhaaahhas”. You say Da Da and Da Doh, and we think you say Dog. (no mama yet – I won’t hold it against you, it will come) you are getting the concept of waving ‘bye bye’ as well as giving us a high five! You are an excellent eater and I can’t even list all of the things you have tried, because it’s A LOT – but your newest favorites are yogurt, cheese, pineapple, blueberries and goldfish. You are a bit lazy and still prefer to be fed rather than feeding yourself, although you know how, and are very good at it… you just like to be waited on (hmmm, wonder where you get that from, I won’t mention any names, but it rhymes with RAD)
This month you went to your first Birthday Party, you swam in the pool, you became my running partner, you got your first big boo-boos (I guess that’s part of the whole “becoming mobile” thing), you outgrew all of your 6-12 mo clothes, I think you made it through the whole month sans ear infection, you created quite a stir on “facebook” with your little giggle video, and of course, you made me smile every single day.

Lima Bean, I love you.
Happy 9 months of sweetness.

I held back this post because our 9 month Dr’s appt was the day after your 9 month bday, and I wanted to give 9 month stats:

You now weigh 23 lbs (85th percentile)
You are now 29.5 inches long (90th percentile)

Dr says: you will probably be a football player! He thinks you have a wonderful temperament (we agree), and he just loves seeing you in the office! (you had an iron test today (they took some blood from your heel… and you didn’t even flinch) – your iron level was 11.8 (very good) – and you got a hep. B shot (you ALMOST started crying, but the paci. Still distracts and comforts you, so the instant you saw the paci, you were happy again!) your ears and the rest of you look good – but you have a little bit of cradle cap – (baby dandruff, so he recommended selsun blue!)

in honor of memorial day - a little red white and blue :)

and i couldn't resist this one... you RARELY give me attitude, but - once in a while - you do, here is proof!


Tiffany said...

awe what a nice post, and that last picture of the attitude is too cute! I cna't wait for the boys to meet!

Anonymous said...

it is a wonderful thing to be a Mom, and now for me, a Grandma. You are doing a fantastic job at Motherhood. Lima Bean is just so cute, sweet, and lovable. It really has been a great 9 months. Can't wait to see you guys Sat.

Mommy Moreno said...

What a sweet, sweet post!!! Sounds like youre a pro at this mom thing already! :D Hope you all have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

oh ya, forgot to say I love the attitude pic.

kurt and kari said...

i can't beleive all of you actually committed to reading that whole post... i kind of got carried away...
thanks :)

becoming-mom said...

Yay for a big strapping boy! (your baby could SO beat up my baby ;)

Happy Memorial Day weekend!