Friday, May 29, 2009

Thanks G-link, we miss you already!

If you haven't guessed by now - we are BIG on nicknames around here. They always start off as something, then get little spin-offs - throughout the years, some stick and some don't - here is the short list:
Mine is Q or Boo, or Boodle, Doodle or Q-bert.
Kurt is Shmoo, KM, Kameo, Da-doh
Liam is Lima Bean, Lima, Beanie, The Bean
Jinx is Jinkers, Stinker, Winkle, Stinkerton
Ace is Ace Face, Asa, Asa Fasa, Acerrific, and ZIPIT
and my mom (Marilyn) is Merlinkey which came about after several rounds of Merlin, Merlino, Merlinkin log, and so on... so we really don't know WHAT Liam will end up calling anyone aroound here - but this weekend, we got a new nickname for her, and the transition went like this:
Grandma, Gramma, Grammalinkey, Grammalink, G-link. So... although it kind of sounds like a wireless router... she may end up being G-link, we'll see if it sticks!
G-link, thanks for coming to visit, we had so much fun - here is a little video of some of the fun times you had with the Bean. We love you!

(the video is a little long)

oops - here are a few pics that i forgot to download before i published the movie... so they got left out. but here they are :) very cute!


Anonymous said...

I miss you guys too! I had sooooo much fun!! Can't wait till next time.

Tiffany said...

awe looks like you guys had a good visit!

becoming-mom said...

G-link, I love it! I like the evolution of the nicknames. We have Monkey to Shmunky to Shmunk, in parallel with Pumpkin to Punky to Punk. And a million others like Monkey Moo to just Moo or Moo Moo.

What a sweet video, I need to do another it's been way too long. Maybe I should just start working on his 1 year one LOL!