Monday, May 11, 2009

better than christmas

I would have to say that Mother's Day might be my new favorite holiday. I mean, I get a sweet little boy - AND a day to celebrate me just because I have him now... i thought he was bonus enough!
it doesn't hurt to have an incredibly sweet and thoughtful husband that made the day extra special and wonderful! (thank you km!)
instead of a long winded story about the day, maybe just some bullet points of awesome-ness.
- sleeping in.
- long bath in the morning w/ my fav. bath fizzys
- church (moms day service, nice)
- visit w/ arlene (grammy-m) and grandpa at the house
- cards/ gifts / love from the fam. this included a sweet charcoal drawing of Liam that Kurt had drawn while he was in NY last week, an iPod from daddy and liam(yes an actual iPod!!!!! I am so excited!!!),and a pretty necklace from arlene
- champagne brunch at one of my fav. restaurants.
- lounging by the pool
- liam's first swim in the pool
- watching the baby hawks make their first attempt at flight
- catching up w/ friends and family (thank you all for the thoughtful phone calls, cards and messages!! you know who you are, i love you)

some photos from the day (sorry, these are the same pics that are on FB, so if you have seen them there - nothing new)

the restaurant is on a little lake, Liam and I stepped out onto the terrace to check out the ducks/birds and enjoy the sunshine :)

gandpa - looking stylishh at almost 102!!!
he was happy to be at this place too, we had his 100th bday party here)

gramma-m w/ her little lima bean

back at home - swimming for the first time!

he liked his little floaty-thing

our dip in the pool replaced bath time - i don't think he minded a bit!


becoming-mom said...

I'm so glad ONE of us had a great mother's day!! It looked like liam loved the pool, I've been wondering how Jasper is going to react to swimming at my parents' pool when the open it this summer... was Liam shocked by the coldness of the water? Or was it super warm? NY non heated pools are NOT very warm :)

Yay for the ipod! I'm such a podcast junkie...

Mommy Moreno said...

What a sweet pea! Hes absolutely adorable with that cheesy smile :D I think you & K should have lots and lots of babies ;) because you two seem to be awesome parents with one very happy little guy! We need more of those smiles in the world - hehe.

Glad you enjoyed your Mothers Day :)

kurt and kari said...

Ariana -
i really think you deserve a do-over!!!
re: the water - yes our pool is REALLY cold right now, so we just had him in the hot tub, and heated it up to bath water temp - maybe he will graduate to the real pool later this summer when it warms up.

and i second the "YAY for the ipod!"

mommym -
you are too sweet :) cute comment - made me smile, thx!