Monday, August 31, 2009

2 parties and a dedication

But - before I rush into that.. Doesn't Liam make a pretty girl? He doesn't look very happy about it, but the pouty lips are awfully cute - and the tattoo - makes "her" just edgy enough and balances out the huge hibiscus stuck the "her" head... but i digress....

I guess 2 parties and a dedication is the new parents version of "four weddings and a funeral"...

Saturday was party marathon. We had sweet Ian's party at 10:00 a.m. What a fun party, and I have to say - a brunch party was PERFECT for the day that turned out to be 109 degrees!!! There were 5 one year olds at this party - all born within a month of eachother - so fun to see them all interact! After we left Ian's Brunch party (monkey themed) - we headed home for a quick lunch, then nap in the car and off to Toluca Lake for Twins Nate and Abby's Monkey party at MY GYM. This was super fun too - fun and interactive, and Tiff (The twins mom) was so smart to save herself the stress of hosting a party at home, and taking the mess ELSEWHERE! After Liam's b-day and party last week, then these two parties this week, I think Liam now considers birthday cake one of the food groups!!! How did I forget my camera at BOTH parties??? Hopefully Kim and Tiff will send me some pics ;)

Here is Liam getting his pre-funk on - preparing for the parties of the day ahead!

So - on to the dedication. Sunday we had the child dedication service at church. This is kind of like a baptism/christening - but really where the parents become accountable in front of the congregation for taking the responsibility for bringing up their precious child with the word of god - and the congregation takes responsibility for supporting us etc. etc. it was really cool - there were about 5 other families who also dedicated their children at our service. Kurts grandfather came to watch and got special recognition- which was REALLY awesome!

We didn't get any good pics, the lighting in there is wild - anyway, here is pastor Shawn holding liam - giving him a blessing and Kurt and I standing by (proud parents!)


Anonymous said...

yes, Liam makes a very cute girl! The Dedication and parties all sounded nice. Quite a couple of weeks!

Taylor said...

Androgyny is a skill, he is a BEAUTIFUL little person.

Sounds like you guys are keeping busy.
Can't wait to see you guys.

Tiffany said...

he does make a pretty girl! I would have never thought because he is such a cute lil boy. but he transitions well! What a good sport letting mommy put flowers in your hair Liam!

becoming-mom said...

LOL at that first picture - priceless! He definitely has the pouty lip down pat :)

TWO monkey parties in one day? I feel so... derivative ;)