Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy 15 months Lima Bean!

Fifteen? Months!
When I first started taking you to a local Mom's group, you were 8 weeks old, and the teeniest one there. The others ranged from about 9 months old to about 18 months old - most were around fifteen months old. Theses little kids were walking, talking, pushing, hugging, kissing, screaming, melting down, throwning toys, cuddling... and just being fifteen months old. When I showed up that first day, with my little 8 week old Lima Bean, I looked at these 15 month old monsters thinking that they were so grown up and that by the time you were that age your mommy would totally have this parenting thing down to a science and things would just be EASIER then. Oh, I also thought that the idea of you being 15 months old was SOOOOO far away, a distant thought, a whole lifetime to get through. Well... that day 13 months ago seems like last week, and here you are - a 15 month old little monster of your own! A walking, talking, pushing, hugging, kissing, screaming, melting down, throwning toys, cuddling 15 month old!
You are independant and like to do things "by yourself"! This includes eating, trying to use a spoon, turning on and off the television and lights, using mommy's blackberry and of course moving... where ever it is that you want to go - you want to get there on your own! (that is unless you want to be carried... in which case THAT is the only mode of transportation that will do!)
You know what you like - this goes for food, toys and people. By the way, what you like changes on a daily basis. For example - three days ago mac and cheese was your FAVE, you couldn't get enough... two days ago you would have thought it was like sour lemons when it hit your tongue the way you spit it out the second it made contact. We don't understand this, and it makes meal times very interesting. There are two things that you love to eat, and will eat and eat and eat whenever, wherever... and they are fruit and yogurt. Any kind of fruit and any kind of yogurt. The only bummer is that we think you have a tropical fruit allergy (or more likely intolerance)... pineapples and mangos (which you LOVE) bring on a lovely red hive-y rash on your cheeks almost instantly :( The Dr. says you will grow out of it, so we'll keep trying. In fact, we tried pineapple again this morning... you haven't grown out of it yet... sorry little one. Speaking of the Dr. you go for your 15 month appointment on Monday.

You have had some FIRSTS this month - a quick list :)
- First concert / live show - YO GABBA GABBA
- First time being a LION for halloween
- First time on a farm and on a tractor
- First grilled cheese sandwiches :) yum
- First time mommy went away overnight on business and your daddy handled everything (go daddy-o!)

I love you Lima Bean - happy 15 months!
your mommy - who STILL (after 15 months) does NOT have this parenting thing down to a science and probably never will!


Anonymous said...

It's been a fantastic 15 months. We have loved every second! Wish we were closer, but are so happy you are coming to visit! Happy 15 months! G-link and grandpa

becoming-mom said...

Happy 15 months Liam! When you get the parenting thing down let me know - I could use a few tips :)