Sunday, November 15, 2009

there's a party in my city!

we went to the first EVER Yo Gabba Gabba LIVE show!

a little history... Liam is not a BIG TV baby... BUT, there is ONE show that stops him in his tracks from the intro where DJ Lance Rocks footsteps come across the screen. The good news for us, is that it might be one of the hippest, most fun and least offensive kids TV shows that are on high rotation on Nick JR (RIP Noggin)...

SO - when Yo Gabba Gabba announced their LIVE show, i bought 3 tix straight away. We were SOOO proud of the Lima Bean.. for his first LIVE show, he did GREAT. I think his favorite part was when the Aquabats sang "pool party"... MY Favorite part was when Biz Markie showed up for "Biz's beat of the day"! (love me some Biz!)

If there is a party in your city - you should DEFINITELY GO!!!

here is our 2 minute photo montage... you will feel like you were there! enjoy! (the funniest part is at the end - watch Liam's face when all of the streamers and confetti comes down from the ceiling!! its hillarious)


Anonymous said...

what a fun time! One "party in the city to remember"! Liam looks like he can't believe what is happening! Absolutely darling!xoxoG-link

Cherie Goodpasture of "Only Admit One" Copyright 2009. All Rights Reserved. said...

Awesome! Me love Yo Gabba Gabba! Oh and the kids do too! You know you are a parents when you start going to live kid shows and enjoy them!
Hubby looks good in the

becoming-mom said...

OMG he's such a rockstar going to a concert already!! Maybe if I play "there's a party in my tummy" (so yummy, so yummy) enough times for Jasper he might actually want to eat something LOL.

I feel like such an unhip mom - I've never even seen Yo Gabba Gabba!