Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween - it's a jungle out there!

Happy Halloween! I hope yours was SPOOKTACULAR - and at the very least all treats and no tricks! Ours was fun, we have been celebrating October all month long - yet its hard to believe its already NOVEMBER!!!
Lima Bean was a Lion this year! Liam the Leo the Lion... it seemed fitting. I came across this costume at Marshalls one day... and picked it up. Its perfect - comfy jammies with a fuzzy little vest.. the only problem is that it was about 90 degrees on halloween... so, he overheated pretty quickly, and wasn't feeling at the top of his game... little runny nose thing going on - we think probably teething.
Here is Liam (pre-haircut) at the photoshoot at Heathers house!
To see the rest of the photos click HERE The adorable little girl is Mackenzie - Heathers daughter.
In the backyard giving us his best ROOOOAR!!!
Since Grandpa is out of the nursing home, and back to his regular diggs... we stopped by for some trick or treating.
How cool is this pumpkin?!?!? My friend Tonya snapped this awesome pic of the "LIAM" pumpkin that she stumbled upon at the pumpkin patch by her house in Washington State. Apparently you can "pre-book" your pumpkin - you carve whatever you want in to it when it is little - and as it grows, it develops kind of a scar... and ends up looking like this... i love it!

I almost think the very best part of Liam's costume is the back... it says "Wild One" with a little tail! I am SO enjoying the sweetness now... it wont be long before my sweet little boy asks to be a vampire or zombie... or worse.

bye bye Halloween! See ya next year!


Tiffany said...

love the roar shot! and what a neat idea for the pumpkin i might have to try that sometime.

Anonymous said...

cute as can be!! I especially loved the shot of the backside with "wild one" and the tail, since I hadn't ever seen the back before. Hope he's feeling better.

becoming-mom said...

Cutest little king of the jungle ever. I think you are right, the back is too cute! I love the pics, Heather did a nice little set up. I love the ones where it looks like the bale of hay fell over... !

Taylor said...

These are so cute. Liam is getting so big and grown up. He looks just like a little man. LOVE the costume... Adorable. I know you are such a proud mama.