Tuesday, September 21, 2010

becoming friends

After one of the worst weekends I have had in a long time, a breath of fresh air walked into our house tonight! Ariana and Jasper of Becoming Mom came to visit! Ariana, who I now totally feel comfortable calling my "good friend" and her family are visiting from New York and took some time away from their family vacation to visit Liam and I. We were planning on getting all of the family together, but at the last minute, Kurt had to take a meeting in Seattle and was sad to not get to meet Ari's hubby Jeff... but the girls and baby boys had fun! (And we are planning a NY trip in November to visit them).

Ari and I began our online friendship back on the message boards on "The Bump" when we were pregnant - swapping stories of awesome baby products and sharing pregnancy woes... then later reconnected after Liam and Jasper were born on the same day. (Swapping newborn stories and lack of sleep woes). We have been in communication on the web living bizarro parallel lives ever since.

Tonight we met face to face... which might seem odd - but it felt like old pals.

The boys played guitar together, watched a little "Toy Story" together.. Liam taught Jasper all about Buzz and Woody, and Jasper displayed excellent sharing skills (Liam on the other hand wasn't very into sharing... he is working on that!")

The boys ate a semi-balanced dinner of KRAFT mac and cheese (I don't think Jasper's tummy or tongue had ever experienced the flourescent orange cheesy coating which only comes in the Kraft blue box - or easy mac packet), grapes, veggie snacks, cheese, crackers and milk. Ariana and I noshed on Presecco and Salad w/ some snacky snacks. (btw Jeff - excellent choice on the Prosecco - delicious and lovely label!)

Liam was a little cranky - but they got through it and together the boys had a lot of fun moments of laughter. We were so so happy they came to visit. I unfortunately did not take many or good photos... (When Ari brought out her big powerful equipment, i just kind of forgot to grab a camera!) But there were a couple of cute moments where I did click a few frames off... the lighting is bad - and the shots are blurry - but the moment was super cute. Ariana and the fam had gone to Universal Studios earlier in the day and met Curious George (both the boys favorite) so they were reviewing the shots of George together on her camera... so cute:)

Liam pointing out George and Jasper in the screen display.

I need to edit this one a little bit - this is SOOC... but what a perfect moment. Photographer mommy taking a moment out to kiss her baby - still with her massive impressive equipment in hand!


Anonymous said...

looks like you had some fun with your great friends from NY. the boys seem to be happy too!

Ariana said...

Kari, it was such a highlight of our trip meeting you and Liam! Your home is so beautiful and so comfortable and best of all was such a haven for poor Jasper who's been toy deprived since we left home.

I loved seeing the boys together, and hanging out with you feels like something we've been doing for ever, (which we have virtually!) but in person was even better. I can't wait for us all to get together in NY!

PS, got home in no time at all, had to pull over on the 101 because Jasper woke up, startled and dropped bear and blue bunny!

kadensmommy said...

this makes me so happy...I have been a follower of both your blogs for some time now, and truly I have always thought Liam and Jasper are the cutest little boys. I love that now they are friends!