Friday, September 3, 2010

california kids

Have you ever opened up a catalog for kids board shorts and swimsuits and thought... now, that BLONDE haired, BLUE eyed child, IS THE quintessential California kid? That is EXACTLY what these two (well three counting Liam) little pro-surfers in the making are!

Meet Carly and Bryce. They are the most outgoing, fun, energetic, sweet, little kids you have ever met. They belong to our good friend Tobi and Bob who live in San Diego. (we wish they were closer) They came to visit us on Liam's birthday when we were on vacation... they brought presents and smiles with them.

They left an impression on Liam... ever since we have been home, he has been talking about them, and has to show me the picture that Bryce drew for him almost daily!

They had fun playing in the boat! I think Liam could pass for a sibling.

How gorgeous is miss Carly? She had spent the week at surf camp learning to shred the waves!
Meet Bryce... at just 5 years old - he is a professional skateboarder... He went pro when he was just three! see for yourself... click HERE
oh.. and you know this one... Lima Bean... he is a little more aprehensive about the ocean. He'll learn.
brotherly/sisterly love!


Anonymous said...

Liam did fit right in with the blondies. Looks like a fun group! I checked out the skateboarding kid...he is good!

Rick said...

Cute kids—I must say. Nice photos too.