Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Day of Preschool!

Today is Liam's very FIRST day of preschool!
When Daddy asked him how he felt about goint to school this morning, he said "excited"... and I think he really was. We attended a little meet and greet last night and he got to see his classroom and meet the teacher and just play... he couldn't stop talking about all of the things that he saw there all last night and this morning.

These were the things he was saying:
Liam: Mommy, Wags... Wags the dog at school
Me: Yes, Liam, there is a BIG doggie on the door at your school
Liam: Mommy... Thomas at school
Me: Yes, Liam, there is a Thomas the train table at your school
Liam: Mommy... Car, Bike, Penguin
Me: Yes, Liam, You drove the car and rode the bike outside at the playground at your school... and you saw a penguin on the wall... very good for remembering!
Liam: Mommy... puzzle, crayon, Wags... apple cubby!
Me: Good job remembering Liam, you are right - ALL of those things are at your school!

SO - this goes on for an hour last night and all morning today.

Anyway... we arrived at Cornerstone at about 10 minutes until 9:00 am this morning. Liam was one of the first to arrive in his class - we arrived at the same time as his good friend Tye and Tye's Daddy - Mike. We think Liam and "Sadie" will become good friends - she is very cute and her parents are sweet.

His teacher is Ms. Amy, and she must be the most patient woman alive - and adorable to boot.

It went great - no tears. No tears from Liam OR from Mommy! Can't wait to hear about his day!!!

Daddy and Liam in front of the school - it is in a really cool historic building... spanish style that has been completely rennovated and is very clean and nice on the inside.

very secure... a gate on the outside that surrounds the front patio, then another security system at a secondary door, they also have lots of cameras around... i guess there are a few celebs kids that go here... we might have met a certain laker and his wife and kids this morning... just maybe. ;) oh - and that is mike and tye :) they were nice enough to wait for us as we took photos this morning!
the BIG doggie by his classroom :) he was very excited about that!
checking in

Liam's Apple Cubby... see all of that paperwork in his cubby... that was for us. We forgot and left it all there - oops, will pick it up when we go back this afternoon to pick him up. Hope it wasn't too important.
They are WILD about books at his school, they are everywhere, there is even a library where they have time with a librarian a couple of times a week!
I think this is going to be wonderful for Liam!


Anonymous said...

looks like a fantastic school for a fantastic boy! hope he will have lots of learning and just as much fun here.

Kari said...

just updating to myself.
today was a GREAT day at preschool. he did so good. they are all in love with liam, and his notes from the end of the day said that Liam was a very good listener today!!

he was SOO tired tonight, he fell asleep the minute his head hit the pillow.

praying for just as good of a day tomorrow!